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Who’s Who in Cloud August 17, 2012

Friday! Though nothing juicy this week from the Woz. Alas! But its time once again for the weekly round-up of the best cloud computing blogs and articles published on the web.

As always, if you know any good articles, send them over to @CloudGathering.

Check out the previous Who’s Who in Cloud to see who has made the list in the past.

Joe Panettieri: Cloud providers don’t fear Amazon, but maybe Rackspace – or each other!

Mike Lynch: So great cloud predictions every CIO should know.

David Linthicum: Another masterful piece by D.Linthicum, detailing the business value the cloud presents to decisions makers in the regular business units outside IT.

Sramana Mitra: Great interview with a cloud computing thought leader, Mike Toplisek.

Ken Rutsky: What adopting a cloud mindset really means for businesses.

Mike Barton: Will Openstack give some props to Red Hat???

Dana Gardner: ServiceMesh Agility Platform 8.0 aims to help enterprises rein in ‘shadow IT’ and rogue cloud usage.

Steve Lohr: Big data in the NYTIMES – How it got so big!

David Marshall: More acquisitions by VMware to cement its cloud readiness…

Barb Darrow: Rackspace making some moves with Openstack private clouds.

Krishnan Subramanian: Misconceptions about federated clouds.

Abdul Salam: Cloud Computing is making our lives better everyone!

Ben Kepes: Is big data worth the hype? Might be in the enterprise…

Brendan Butler: VMware and Rackspace are offering free/low-cost cloud computing trials.

Joe McKendrick: Top 25 cloud apps for freelancers around.

See you all next Friday!

By Jake Gardner

Posted on August 17, 2012 in Cloud Computing Industry

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