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Who’s Who in Cloud August 24, 2012

FRIDAYYYYYYY!!!! Check out the best of this week’s cloud publishings. Let me know if you have other recommendations for some great reads!

David Linthicum: Great overview on how to think about and the pitfalls of selecting a private cloud.

Oleg Shilovitsy: Cloud security and the iPhone 5 – Apple addicts read here!

Brandon Butler: No cloud taxation without representation! Do tread on my infrastructure!

Klint Finley: Amazon’s Glacier might not be so cost happy as we all hope – storing vs. retrieving are two different things!

Matt Weinberger: Amazon Glacier melts compared to some competition.

Denis Dubie: How do you master your cloud approach?

Dana Gardner: Great interview with VMware CTO Steve Herrod.

David Marshall: Dell is getting more serious in the cloud.

Ben Kepes: After the security breaches of late, how do we really approach cloud security?

Krishnan Subramanian: Engine Yard is ramping up, and its cool to see.

Barb Darrow: Rackspace’s cloud monitor is based on its Cloudkick acquisition. Cool beans from a big cloud player.

Chris Coggrave: How to Cloud-enable your data center. Thanks HP!

Nari Kannan: Cloud is a major driver of agile software development. FOR REALS.

Peter Wayner: Google’s compute engine adn cloud approach are actually pretty sweet. Watch out Amazon! (Not really).

Sharon Shapiro: Microsoft is making a run at Google in the cloud space. This should be sweet.

Paul Krill: Explaining the anger the Woz felt for Cloud.

Rick Blaisdell: Anything-As-A-Service is for real. There goes our marketing in!

Joe McKendrick: Enterprises want more than the basic value props from the cloud. Shadow IT, what do you have to say about that???

By Jake Gardner

Posted on August 24, 2012 in Cloud Computing Industry

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