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Who’s Who in Cloud September 28, 2012

It’s Friday once again, and we have a round-up of the best online publishing related to cloud. Some interesting themes from this week include data center issues and all the buzz related to cloud adoption in Europe (including all the regulatory issues related to that mass move). Check out the links below:

Brandon Butler: Disaster recovery moving to the cloud.

Dick Weisinger: Restrictive European laws may restrict cloud growth there.

Ben Kepes: If IaaS is going to be heterogeneous, PaaS will be more so.

Sramana Mitra: Interview with CTO of Cbeyond, Chris Gatch.

Galen Gruman: BYOD exposes IT’s deep distrust of users.

Barb Darrow: Cloud players trying to make sense of European data laws.

Reuven Cohen: Debating the definition of cloud computing platforms.

David Linthicum: Why OpenStack owes its success to Amazon.

Andi Mann: The CMO doesn’t want to be in charge of IT either.

David Marshall: VMworld 2012 Europe is going to have a huge number of attendees…

Joe Panettieri: The next big cloud market is Germany.

Krishnan Subramanian: Dispatches from Dreamforce 2012.

Joe McKendrick: 5 ways cloud computing is disrupting everyone’s job.

Christian Verstraete: Business value of the cloud lies in ROI and agility.

Klint Finley: why everyone should care about big data.

Joe Weinman: The power of IT (response to last weekend’s NYTimes article about data centers).

Julie Bort: Data centers aren’t killing our planets (another response to the NYTimes article on data centers).

Joab Jackson: IBM extends incentive programs to service partners.

Ingrid Lunden: Europe shoots for the clouds.

By Jake Gardner

Posted on September 28, 2012 in Cloud Computing Industry

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