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Who’s Who in Cloud November 2, 2012

This Friday is a bit more interesting than most for a number of reasons. The presidential election is next week, Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath is still being felt in most of the Northeast, and we have a host of great new cloud articles to share. This week’s articles take on a range of topics, from Sandy’s impact on the cloud, to what Microsoft is doing right (and wrong), to the shifting nature of cloud’s observed value at different levels of business and application.

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Barb Darrow: Data centers prepared for Sandy, but how long could they last and maintain service to clients?

David Marshall “Study shows IT and business professionals are finding business advantages in cloud infrastructure-as-a-service.”

Abhishek  Ghosh: What’s expected in SaaS’ future.

Philbert Shih: “Windows Azure rolls out app marketplace.”

Krishnan Subramanian: Microsoft is edging closer to a robust platform strategy.

Joe Panettieri : Hurricane Sandy and Managed Cloud.

Ben Kepes: Real cloud, and why you should choose it.

Brandon Butler: Amazon outages of late are finally justified.

Julie Bort: Microsoft is scoring points in the cloud.

Louis Columbus: SaaS adoption is accelerating, going global through the enterprise.

Denise Dubie: Is the cloud looking at mainframes as new homes?

Sean Ludwig: Cloud is increasingly in the consumer space with Boxee TV, Netflix, and more.

David Linthicum (Best cloud/Halloween post goes to the awesome Mr. Linthicum. Zombies!)

Christian Verstraete: When using the cloud means not caring that its cloud.

Larry Walsh: “EMC expands Velocity service provider program.”

By Jake Gardner

Posted on November 2, 2012 in Cloud Computing Industry, Cloud Perspectives

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