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Who’s Who in Cloud January 11, 2013

Ahhhh Friday, and with the relief of the end of the week comes our round-up of the best cloud-related articles, blogs, and themes from this last week. Over the last 5 days some of the major trends have centered on cloud security and redundancy, the MSP/SMB relationship, big data evolution, GatheringClouds getting some nods in the internets, and Amazon’s continued problems.

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Stacey Higginbotham VMware CEO to speak at Structure 2013.

Meghan Kelly Heroku is getting smart on security.

Joe McKendrick State Street’s transformation unfolds, driven by the cloud.

Dan Berthiaume Training as a service: How MSPs can help SMBs grow.

Joel Schectman The cloud helped the Red Cross withstand Super Storm Sandy Donation Surge.

Thomas H. Davenport Turning Our Data Sights Outward.

Brandon Butler Amazon’s cloud hiccups again.

David Linthicum Why cloud computing ROI tools are worthless.

Ben Kepes Ben has posted the interview we did with him on his blog – check it out!

Ben Kepes Which apps to move to the cloud?

Barb Darrow Bringing comparison shopping to the cloud.

Angela Guess Linked Data: The future of Data Integration.

Douglas Toombs Managed hosting Magic Quadrant gathering has begun…

Derrick Harris Netflix flexes its Hadoop muscle in the cloud.

Mike Barton Wired’s Mike Barton has been posting some of our best blogs on Wired Innovation Insights!

By Jake Gardner

Posted on January 11, 2013 in Cloud Computing Industry, Cloud Perspectives

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