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Who’s Who in Cloud January 25, 2013

Hello, Friday! With the end of another week comes a chance to reflect on recent news and commentary in cloud. Discussions this week centered on big data, Microsoft and Dell, problems with AWS, and more.

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Microsoft and Dell have been all over the news this week, with Kevin Casey predicting how a potential deal “could benefit IT,” and Ted Samson digging into how acquisition of the hardware firm might bolster the software giant’s cloud vision.

Brandon Butler talks big data and the cloud, highlighting how two vendors this week unveiled hosted versions of Hadoop clusters.

Speaking of big data, Ovum and Gartner both commented on the trend’s hype cycle this week; Chris Kanaracus rounds up the analyst firms’ takes on the buzzword.

Our own Ken Ziegler (CEO Logicworks) tells Dan Woods that “moving to the cloud is a business decision as much as an IT decision” in an article on Netflix’s recent AWS troubles.

Beth Pariseau breaks down the importance of understanding SLAs in the context of virtual private clouds.

Christian Harris asks, “Will the cloud kill the CIO?”

Joe Masters Emison says cloud-computing standards ought to be implemented from the bottom up.

Vanessa Parks discusses five ways in which cloud is poised to change the healthcare industry.

David Linthicum: “To truly understand and calculate the business values of using cloud computing — public, private, or hybrid — requires a complex and dynamic analysis that is unique to the problem domain you’re trying to address.”

A new study shows that cloud computing skills are “sorely needed” in the workforce, Anthony Myers says.

Check out last week’s roundup, here.

By Jake Gardner

Posted on January 25, 2013 in Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud

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