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Who’s Who in Cloud January 4, 2013

The first Who’s Who of the new year! And what a Who’s Who it is. Trends this week including David Linthicum and Brandon Butler, both of whom produce some of the most insightful and articulate cloud publications around. Other themes included AWS outages lameness, 2013 cloud outlooks and big data realities.

Let me know if I’ve missed anything good on Twitter @CloudGathering.

David Geer 7 deadly sins of cloud computing.

Dan Kuznetsky What do you want from cloud computing?

David Linthicum Why the feds keep stumbling with cloud.

Brandon Butler Dell is waiting to jump into the public cloud fight.

David Linthicum 4 cloud computing resolutions.

Randy Bias Resiliency is the new normal.

David Linthicum Public clouds for patient portal development.

Chris Morran Amazon soiled Christmas for Netflix users.

Brandon Butler How long will Netflix suffer AWS?

Katie Fehrenbacher 13 energy data startups to watch in 2013.

Andi Pattinson Cloud concerns – haven’t you gotten past them yet?

Paul McNamara Why Amazon’s apologies are all the same.

Christian Verstraete Cloud evolution outlook for 2013.

Derrick Harris Why big data might be more about automation than insights.

Joe McKendrick The greatest violators of IT cloud security policies: top executives.

By Jake Gardner

Posted on January 4, 2013 in Cloud Computing Industry, Cloud Perspectives

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