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Who’s Who in Cloud February 15, 2013

Happy Friday! What a week for cloud computing, with key players talking hybrid cloud, healthcare IT, cloud’s hype cycle, the popularity of SaaS, and much more.

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Hybrid cloud played big in our space again this week, with Christine Burns Rudalevige charting “new security challenges” the model poses, David Linthicum diving into the promise of hybrid cloud, and Walter Bailey asking why more businesses have not yet deployed the approach. Jeffrey Kaplan adds: “Hybrid cloud management is within reach.”

“SaaS remains most popular form of cloud computing for UK IT,” Archana Venkatraman reports.

The Motley Fool’s Brendan Marasco: “Fortunes will be made by smaller cloud firms in this industry as the big 3 [Amazon, Google, and Microsoft] continue to go head to head.”

This Cisco infographic charts growth in the cloud, saying that cloud traffic is expected to increase six-fold from 2011 to 2016.

To avoid the next cloud outage, Apurva Dave says it’s best to “design for failure.”

Over at Life ScienceLeader, Jon Smith takes a look at “how cloud computing can help growing pharma companies.”

SiliconAngle’s Kristen Nicole examines how cloud empowers SMBs.

David Linthicum: “Health care and the cloud are finally coming together.”

“I cannot remember another time in 16 years in venture capital when there were so many disruptive technologies coming to maturity at the same time,” Menlo Ventures’ Mark Siegel says. “Certainly, these profound shifts in computing technologies do not happen often, but it does seem like they are occurring on a more rapid cycle.”

A new European Network and Information Security Agency report cautions against organizations’ “over-reliance on cloud,” though it adds that cloud computing is particularly useful in cases of natural disasters and DDoS attacks, Jennifer Baker reports.

Gartner’s Rolf Jester asks: Will the term “cloud” eventually become irrelevant?

Pedro Hernandez reports on CDW’s 2013 State of the Cloud Report. The document shows that in the US, “how employees use cloud services and mobile devices on their personal time is having a major impact on their companies’ decisions to adopt cloud computing,” Hernandez points out.

Arthur Cole dives into the meaning of “data-centric enterprise,” and how cloud adoption is changing that.

A different kind of PaaS: examines “how ‘policy as a service is critical for cloud deployments.”

Charting five trends to watch, James Staten and Lauren Nelson of Forrester say that “budgeting for cloud is … challenging and requires IT professionals to get comfortable with change.”

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By Jake Gardner

Posted on February 15, 2013 in Cloud Computing Industry

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