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With Hybrid Cloud, It’s No Longer ‘Us vs. Them’

You’ve got to hand it to developers — collectively, they are a driving force of change in IT. If on prem won’t cut it, developers know where to go to get what they need. And often they actually do seek out computing resources on their own accord, with or without their organization’s approval.

Once frowned upon, this so-called ‘rogue’ cloud adoption is increasingly lauded among tech pundits. Rogue adoption, some say, paves the way for widespread movement to the cloud.

In a post outlining takeaways from Jeffrey Kaplan’s recent workshop at Cloud Connect, InformationWeek’s Charles Babcock notes that “as cloud use evolves toward a hybrid combination, IT has the opportunity to take charge of both sanctioned and unsanctioned use, if it can position itself as delivering what the business users, and the developers working for them, need.”

This point is critical: IT can actually benefit from rogue adoption in forming its own cloud computing strategies. As we’ve said before, all signs point to hybrid cloud deployments as the best way forward for some businesses. If developers are going ‘to the cloud’ anyway, why not tie that right into IT’s operations?

No longer is it ‘Us vs. Them.’ With a hybrid environment (i.e., some combination of private cloud computing for sensitive workloads and supplementary public cloud resources for demand-based burstability), both new-school developers and old-school IT managers can win.

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Image: Flickr/CarbonNYC

By Jake Gardner

Posted on April 4, 2013 in Cloud Computing Industry, Cloud Perspectives, Hybrid Cloud

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