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Who's Who in Cloud July 12th, 2013

This week’s cloud trends centered on continuing concerns over NSA spying and PRISM, privacy and security in the cloud, the price war and competition between cloud service providers, and new technologies and tools emerging in cloud.

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Mathew Ingram reports that despite denials from companies, Edward Snowden still alleges that PRISM provides “direct access” to company servers.

Nick Heath discusses how European concerns over PRISM could cost U.S. cloud providers to miss out on billions.

David Linthicum predicts that privacy wars aimed at better security and privacy in the cloud will soon ensue in the U.S.

John Koetsier announces Amazons latest move in the ongoing price in cloud services, massive price cuts of up to 80% on dedicated servers.

Brandon Butler details some of AWS recent price reductions.

Chris Kanaracus reports how Microsoft is gearing up to compete with by changing its CRM online licensing model.

Rachel King notes that is extending its marketing cloud to China and Russia.

Barb Darrow details how Microsoft plans to restructure its organization in response to in-house fighting.

Heather Clancy features Onix Networking, Google’s longest standing enterprise partner, as a next-gen cloud service provider.

Stuart Corner considers how cloud computing presents difficulties for the insurance sector.

Maria Korolov discusses how Big Data-as-a-Service offers targeted analytic for businesses.

Brandon Butler reports that a new tool from startup Ravello Systems shows that provisioning VMs is not as quick and easy as we think.

Josh Constine discusses Dropbox’s recent quest to make every app work offline.

Dropbox is also aiming to replace the hard drive, as it launches a line of new products for its developer plateform, reports Tomio Geron.

By Jake Gardner

Posted on July 12, 2013 in Cloud Computing Industry, Cloud Perspectives

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