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Who’s Who in Cloud September 13, 2013

Happy TGIF to everyone! It’s safe to say that security was this week’s major theme, from commemorating the anniversary of September 11 to the new iPhone Touch ID fingerprint authentication as well as Google’s increased efforts to boost encryption. What does this mean? It means that we’re all getting serious about security, particularly in information technology, cloud and big data.

Bernd Harzog: 100% Virtualization is feasible  for most enterprises…and that’s astounding progress.

Bill Kleyman believes that the personal cloud will make its presence known and compares that to what we know in corporate cloud.

Derrick Harris summarized why it’s a unique and great time to be in the IT business with quotes from  Box Founder and CEO Aaron Levie.

David Carr addresses a Verizon report, and says  that healthcare is in an exciting time and area of growth, where organizations are showing increased interest in its enterprise cloud services.

Vance McCarthy highlighted sunny findings and stats on what CIOs and IT executives said about cloud solutions, but also notes concerns over how to avoid SaaS-based data silos.

Rich Mogull says there’s two reasons why we should be excited over the new iPhone 5s fingerprint reader.

Bruce Shneier delves in how a biometric system can fail. He also mentions that you probably got bigger problems if some bad guy has your iPhone and your fingerprint.

Abhishek Ghosh introduces a checklist for a more secure cloud computing.

Vikash Gupta thinks we can stay ahead of the threat with cloud security intelligence.

Rich Miller adds to Google’s effort to boost encryption that that this is just a part of Google’s data center team’s priority to create a faster web experience.

David Linthicum: As Google fights back against the government’s  spying scandal,  new encryption and security services will emerge and spawn another wave of innovation.

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By Isabella Lam

Posted on September 13, 2013 in Cloud Computing Industry

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