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Who’s Who in Cloud October 25, 2013

Happy Friday! From product launches and updates to data security and application usage, we’re quoting some of our favorite articles this week. Discover what these experts are discussing with what they’re actually saying:

Derrick Harris: “It’s product-announcement season in the big data and Hadoop world, and this week was full of them. ”

Gregg Keizer:  “Operating system update and upgrade glitches are not uncommon.”

Eric Knorr: “That’s one heck of a cloud launching pad.”

Patrick Thibodeau: “ isn’t just a website”

Bernd Harzog: “Once the enterprise is 100% virtualized, there will be no more need for expensive and outdated legacy management solutions from IBM, BMC, CA, and HP.”

Barb Darrow: “But the key is speed of results, which should encourage deeper dives into what’s going on with application usage. ”

Mike Miliard: “With an onus now on vendors to keep hosted data secure, that can make business associate agreements trickier than ever to negotiate as hospitals try to protect patient information and IT companies try to shield themselves from risk.”

David Linthicum: “The problem is that most organizations migrating to cloud-based platforms don’t change the applications to use the features of their target platform.”

Vala Afshar: “The saying goes that ‘no one of us is as smart as all of us.'”

Bob Gourley: “By using in-memory techniques, incredibly large quantities of data can be understood by a computer all at once and processed quickly, enabling three major benefits.”

Lucas Mearian: “i-Air Touch technology is a real-world implementation of having a fictitious computer touch screen floating in the air.”

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By Isabella Lam

Posted on October 25, 2013 in Cloud Computing Industry

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