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Who’s Who in Cloud November 1, 2013


Happy first Friday of November, or some might call it Movember!

We hope that everyone is recovering well from all of the Halloween festivities. As we all return to the world of the living, we start remembering all of the mischief and haunting acts from this week in cloud, including what’s up with Hadoop, the Internet security battle, and websites and applications going down.

Derrick Harris: Hadoop took over the cloud!

Jason Verge: Rackspace is using Hadoop.

Andrew Brust: In four simple themes, Hadoop and big data gets stratified.

David Linthicum: There really should be more in a major release.

David Linthicum: IT spending will be in the cloud by 2016 with application migration being a major component.

Joe Jessen: Looking to transform your desktop? You must first be cognizant of your different applications.

Peter Waterhouse:  Don’t get bossed around by your cloud provider – your IT still has ownership!

Jacob Kastrenakes: Adobe gets hacked –  source code for Photoshop, Acrobat, and more was taken.

Patrick Thibodeau: Is a black swan?

Rich Miller: goes down from Terremark Data Center outage, and new users can’t create new accounts.

Bruce Schneier: Two entities are battling in an epic struggle for power in the cyberspace realm.

Edward Haletky: What are the three parts to make a secure hybrid cloud?

To kick off and celebrate Movember, we’re sharing this chart of Mario Mustaches.

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By Isabella Lam

Posted on November 1, 2013 in Cloud Computing Industry

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