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Who’s Who in Cloud January 31, 2014

We’re winding down the week with an array of  trending topics from this past week. As cloud computing adoption continues to gain steam, service (solution) providers are lending their expertise, helping businesses face challenges such as governance, security and compliance, and overall with their cloud environment.  Find out how businesses can overcome one of these challenges.

John  Lynn – “The $36 billion in EHR incentive money got healthcare on board with EHR software.”

Cliff McClintick – “Effective health IT frameworks will include secure communication solutions that suit the way physicians and other clinicians interact today.”

Elizabeth White – “In his session at 14th Cloud Expo, Olivier Amar, CEO and Co-Founder of MyPermissions, will share his vision for a better, safer future for app users on the Web, where we can openly share and connect without fear of losing our privacy, and an ecosystem where developers can prove their trustworthiness to new and existing users.”

William Bain – “One of the fundamental promises of the cloud is elastic, transparent, on-demand scalability — a key capability that has become practical with the use of in-memory data grid technology.”

Barb Darrow – “Lots of startups get going by offering free services to win eyeballs and hope that wallets will follow. Small problem: It’s hard to support free forever.”

Joe Panettieri – “As some managed services providers (MSPs) strive to shift from lifestyle businesses to true growth, high-value businesses, sometimes the journey involves angel investors.”

Elliot Markowitz – ” Organizations are finding they can’t do this alone and their IT departments need to work hand-in-hand with solution providers to select the right cloud environments, implement the solution and maintain and service it to keep it secure.”

Stacey Higginbotham – “We’ll have to rethink databases and possibly even our concept of the network stack to deal with a world where there are both more protocols at the physical and transport layer, as well as a variety of ways for devices to communicate instructions and state to each other.”

David Linthicum – “To properly take advantage of a cloud platform, including IaaS and PaaS, you have to design the applications so that they’re decoupled from any specific physical resource.”

Tom Loftus – “Whether IT knows it or not—mostly not—enterprise data are being exposed across a dizzying array of cloud applications, many of which may not meet security and compliance standards, according to a new report.”

Edward Haletky – “What is the first step of application security?”

By Isabella Lam

Posted on January 31, 2014 in Cloud Computing Industry

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