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Logicworks brings the advantages of Amazon EC2 Spot Instances to customers through integration with Spotinst, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner that provides sophisticated EC2 cluster management using predictive analysis and machine learning capabilities to increase availability and improve resource utilization while keeping overall EC2 costs low. This combination of the Spotinst algorithm and Logicworks’ proprietary automation platform lets companies more reliably use Spot Instances by leveraging a prediction engine that anticipates the failure of Amazon EC2 Spot Instances and automatically launches and integrates a new instance based on customer needs.

Spotinst’s highly developed workload management strategy consistently saves companies 70-80% on AWS EC2 costs and 40% on overall costs, allowing mission critical and production workloads to benefit from the EC2 Spot Market. Read the full press release about the SpotInst partnership.

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