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Who’s Who in Cloud December 27, 2013

This is officially the last Who’s Who in Cloud for 2013! Lets commemorate the year with the top 5 experts in the cloud space. There were much musings in the cloud this year, from the cloud wars between Google versus AWS, to the NSA scandal and its debatable consequence to the cloud as well as the rise of cloud washing among tech vendors, and much more. Check out how these industry thought leaders are analyzing the cloud IT.

  1. Barb Darrow reports on cloud technology and exposes how IT companies are transition into the cloud computing era.
    1. “It’s official: China is the wild, wild west of cloud computing.”
    2. “Edward Snowden: Asking is cheaper than spying.”
  1. Ben Kepes focuses on how technology is enabled by the cloud, with interests extending to enterprise software, software integration, platforms and infrastructure.
    1. “Service Level Agreements as a Vendor Risk Mitigation Strategy.”
    1. “The State of Password Security.”
  1. Dana Gardner provides analysis and insights for enterprise IT and cloud sourcing strategists. You can find his full interviews by reading the full transcriptions or listening to the podcasts.
    1. “Healthcare turns to big data analytics platforms to gain insight and awareness for improved patient outcomes.”
    1. “In remaking itself, HP delivers the IT means for struggling enterprises to remake themselves.”
  1. Andi Mann finds time as a full time technologist to discuss enterprise IT, around strategic business and technology issues facing CIOs, CxOs, enterprise architects, and technology strategists.
    1. “The Emergence and Benefits of DevOps.”
    2. “The ‘Myth’ of the Mainframe Cloud.”
  1. David Linthicum, as a recognized industry expert and thought leader, contributes to our Gathering Clouds’ blog and provides insight on cloud computing, SOA, enterprise application integration and enterprise architecture.
    1. “Let the NSA spy on us — we’re still moving to the cloud.”
    1. “SaaS is cloud computing’s quiet killer app.”

By Isabella Lam

Posted on December 27, 2013 in Cloud Computing Industry

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