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Who’s Who in Cloud January 10, 2014

This week we explore CxO considerations, particularly what CIOs may face in 2014 and beyond. Many discussions have revolved around the emergence and progression of big data in 2014, how the CIO role will develop with new expectations and constraints, and how IT organizations along with management should identify opportunities in the cloud and beyond. Lets take a look at the current state of the CIO for 2014: 

Thor Olavsrud “Will 2014 see the emergence of a big data equivalent of the LAMP stack?”

Brandon Butler “At the most basiclevel, preparing for your cloud provider to go out of business should start before you even actually use the cloud.”

Derrick Harris “Cloud computing — specifically, exposing Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities as APIs — actually gives IBM an edge.”

Bill Kleyman “The buzz may be all about the cloud, but it’s the physical infrastructure that keeps all those clouds afloat.” [VIDEO]

René Büst “Cloud computing and BYOD have led to a new form of shadow IT.”

Dennis McCafferty “CIOs Need Better Tools to Meet Expectations.”

Tim Crawford “The CIO (Chief Information Officer) and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) roles are in a state of flux and starting to evolve pretty significantly.”

Andi Mann “Initially, you must identify cloud services that can help you speed your time to value.”

Kim Nash “When CIOs live in the IT house on the hill, they live well.”

By Isabella Lam

Posted on January 10, 2014 in Cloud Computing Industry

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