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Spring Venture Group AWS

Case Study: Spring Venture Group Automates Deployment with AWS Service Catalog, AWS Elastic Container Service

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Download a PDF of the Spring Venture Group Case Study here.

Agile IT teams seek to reduce the cost and complexity of infrastructure operations by outsourcing the build-out, automation, and maintenance of cloud technology. Spring Venture Group, an innovative insurance brokerage that is experiencing rapid growth, leveraged Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Logicworks, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, to help them keep pace with technology adoption and focus on core business.

Spring Venture Group is led by a team of innovators in the insurance market. Their unique focus on providing seniors with online comparison shopping through market analytics has led to explosive growth; in 2016, the company’s revenue grew by nearly 150 percent and it plans to double headcount in 2017.
In order to achieve their technology goals and keep up with business growth, Spring Venture Group’s VP of Information Technology, Jerry Hagedorn, decided to focus capital and personnel on software development rather than non-differentiating infrastructure management.

“Logicworks accelerated our move to the cloud dramatically,” Hagedorn says. “Their expertise in planning, design, and migration is like having an expert guide through the jungle of IaaS products and services.”

In addition to designing and building the AWS environment, Spring Venture Group relies on Logicworks for ongoing operational support. “Our developers are the ones creating business value, so it makes sense to bring in Logicworks to manage infrastructure. Now I don’t have to hire and manage an entire team of engineers for 24×7 support.”
Spring Venture Group also chose Logicworks for their experience building automated, resilient AWS environments that utilize Docker containers. Logicworks set up AWS Elastic Container Service and automated build-out and deployment of resources with AWS CloudFormation, Puppet, and AWS Service Catalog; this allows Spring Venture Group’s engineers to trivially launch or tear down entire environments in minutes.

“Innovation is one of the core principles that I look for in a vendor. Logicworks had the automation expertise to make our Docker-based Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery model run on AWS. By working with Logicworks, our team can focus on delivering great software while knowing that the underlying infrastructure is configured properly and prepared for constant change.”

HIPAA compliance is also a key factor for Spring Venture Group. “There isn’t a lot of good documentation about how to translate the laws around HIPAA into a pragmatic step-by-step list of controls on AWS,” Hagedorn says, “particularly when you’re using the latest tools. Logicworks is able to demystify the specifics of HIPAA best practices and engineer a compliant and DevOps-friendly environment from the ground up.“

As a result of choosing Logicworks and AWS, Spring Venture Group significantly accelerated production launch on AWS and met their HIPAA compliance responsibilities in the cloud. Infrastructure automation and containerization has improved reliability and reduced the need for manual intervention to update, repair, or replicate the system. Logicworks’ 24×7 support has allowed them to focus on their core business: delivering high quality software and support to their customers.

Technology Used: AWS EC2, VPC, IAM, ELB, ECS, RDS, CloudFormation, Service Catalog, Lambda, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, S3. Non-AWS services include Docker, Alert Logic, Cisco CSR, Duo MFA. Logicworks uses AWS Lambda, Config, Inspector, Puppet, and Jenkins to perform central management and infrastructure scanning tasks.

Company Profile: Spring Venture Group is an inside sales and marketing company with a concentration on direct-to-consumer insurance products. SVG aims to develop a world-class distribution platform developed and operated by individuals who are experts in their field. In 2016, SVG was awarded Business Insurance Companies Best Companies To Work For In Insurance Award. For more information, visit springventuregroup.com. Spring-Venture-Group-Case-Study

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