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NextGate Launches Cloud-Based Healthcare EMPI SaaS

Download a PDF of the NextGate Case Study here.

When you go to the emergency room, how do doctors distinguish your name and medical records from someone else with the same name? The answer is that the hospital relies on an Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI), a centralized patient matching platform used to identify and accurately link disconnected patient data across multiple systems and sites of care. It’s a critical component of any healthcare provider’s patient database or Health Information Exchange (HIE).

NextGate is the global leader in healthcare enterprise identification software. Recently, they became the only provider of a fully-managed, cloud-based EMPI as a Service solution. Available on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the SaaS model allows customers to easily deploy the EMPI without having to install the software on their own servers.

In order to accelerate their product launch, NextGate partnered with Logicworks to architect, build, and support their AWS deployment.


Launching SaaS on AWS

“Delivering our entire product portfolio, including our flagship EMPI solution, as a cloud-based SaaS was a key business opportunity for NextGate, and Logicworks significantly accelerated our time-to-market on AWS,” says Shahzad Ahmad, VP of Cloud Operations and Delivery at NextGate. “By making our identity management solutions simple to implement and immediately useful, providers now have a distinct advantage when it comes to managing mission-critical data across a diverse and complex health IT environment. I worked with Logicworks in my role at a previous healthcare company, and so I knew the quality that they deliver. Given that Logicworks is also HITRUST certified, choosing them again as partners was a  no brainer.”

NextGate engaged Logicworks to help them assess their current on-premises systems, build out a foundational, compliant AWS “Landing Zone”, migrate data, and test their – system. This well-tested process, refined over hundreds of  healthcare migration projects, ensured that NextGate stayed on schedule and on budget. Even though the application was not originally built for the cloud, Logicworks enabled NextGate to capitalize on the scalability and automation of the AWS platform. Logicworks also ensured that their new AWS environment met HIPAA requirements.

“Logicworks is our secret weapon for competing in the cloud age. We can now launch secure, compliant AWS environments or deploy to production in minutes. And when a new AWS service is released, they help us evaluate and implement it. They don’t just talk, they do.” Ahmad says.


Supporting NextGate’s Cloud Operations Team

After migration, Logicworks continues to provide 24×7 technical support for NextGate’s AWS environment. As NextGate adds new customers, Logicworks will help them quickly replicate their infrastructure using AWS CloudFormation and configuration management, ensuring that every deployment is easy to launch but also built to HIPAA standards from a central, common template.

“Logicworks understands that compliance is more than just a checkbox; from their HITRUST certification to their compliance automation practices, they bring a maturity and level of expertise that clearly differentiates them from other cloud partners,” says Ahmad. “IT security and compliance are extremely important at NextGate, and we feel confident that our AWS environment meets the highest standards.”

NextGate relies on Logicworks for a fully-managed service, including 24×7 security monitoring and incident response, acting as a first point of escalation for events and alerts. This ensures that the NextGate team is notified appropriately at all hours, while also minimizing the potential impact of after-hours incidents.



The NextGate cloud-based SaaS product has been very successful, and major municipalities and hospital systems are already adopting it. NextGate’s partnership with Logicworks and AWS has helped them get to market quickly and capture market-share, maintaining their clear leadership position in this specialized healthcare informatics vertical.

“Healthcare providers no longer want the hassle of maintaining software and servers,” says Ahmad. “We want to help organizations leverage the kinds of IT services and tools that help them transform their business, and ultimately improve the delivery, safety and quality of patient care. Companies like NextGate that leverage the power of AWS to launch secure, cloud-based software will give healthcare leaders the needed affordability and flexibility to meet the demands of a digitally interconnected, information-rich ecosystem.”

Download a PDF of the Logicworks + NextGate case study.

NextGate-Case Study