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Bamboo Rose Migrates Retail SaaS Platform to Microsoft Azure with Logicworks

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Modern retailers and manufacturers need to get their products to market faster and with higher margins. To do that, they need tools that connect all stages of the supply chain at digital speed.

Bamboo Rose, the leading multi-enterprise product and supply chain platform for retailers and brands, connects retailers and suppliers to optimize product and supply chain processes.  By combining a B2B marketplace, product lifecycle management, sourcing, and supply chain applications on a single platform, Bamboo Rose helps customers discover, develop, and deliver products faster.

Several years ago, Bamboo Rose decided to migrate its core platform from on-premises datacenters to the cloud. “We wanted to take advantage of the agility and scalability of the cloud,” says Huy Mach, Director of Infrastructure at Bamboo Rose. “We got immediate benefits that validated the economic and strategic benefits of cloud-based SaaS delivery model.”


Migrating to Microsoft Azure

Recently, some of Bamboo Rose’s customers requested that their SaaS product run on additional cloud platforms, so they decided to migrate their SaaS product to Microsoft Azure.

“Microsoft Azure is a mature cloud platform that shares Bamboo Rose’s commitment to security and agility,” says Mach. “Early in the planning process, we decided to find an Azure Partner to help us migrate. The Microsoft Azure team recommended Logicworks as an experienced cloud migration partner and member of the Azure Expert MSP program. We were impressed with Logicworks’ experience on Azure and commitment to security and compliance, as demonstrated by their SOC2 certification.”

Logicworks is an Azure Expert MSP that is annually certified for HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, SOC1, and SOC2. Although Bamboo Rose doesn’t have a regulatory compliance requirement, it’s critical they provide assurance to their customers of the security of customer data in the cloud. Logicworks helps Bamboo Rose satisfy these requirements in order to minimize the day-to-day security management tasks for their in-house team.

The first step of the migration process was understanding Bamboo Rose’s existing infrastructure. There were two main parts of the platform that needed to be migrated: a single tenant SaaS and multi-tenant. The engineering team had multiple discovery calls with Logicworks’ engineers, which resulted in a worksheet that mapped existing resources to target Azure resources. Then Logicworks’ Azure Solutions Architects developed a comprehensive Architecture Diagram to represent Bamboo Rose’s target Azure environment, which included Azure best practices for management, security, performance, and cost. Part of the new build included re-designing their virtual networks in a hub and spoke pattern, as well as their subscription structure that would allow Bamboo Rose to have best practice security and ease of management for their multiple environments.

“The expertise of the Logicworks team has been excellent. My team members have been happy with the level of their Azure knowledge, as well as the ability to work with the team collaboratively,” says Mach. “My team can bounce ideas off of the Logicworks team, come up with creative solutions, and implement them together. Logicworks is guiding us towards best practices while still giving our team autonomy to make the right decisions. They feel like true partners.”

“Logicworks is guiding us towards best practices while still giving our team autonomy to make the right decisions. They feel like true partners.” – Huy Mach, Bamboo Rose

Logicworks helped Bamboo Rose take advantage of many Azure PaaS offerings that have updates, backups and high availability built-in. This includes Azure PostgreSQL Database, a PaaS platform for PostgreSQL, API Management, Storage Accounts, and Azure Functions.

In addition to their production environment, Logicworks also helped Bamboo Rose deploy Disaster Recovery environment with ASR and database replication. The solution unlocks quick failover capabilities and gives the ability to coordinate scheduled test failovers without any downtime for Production. Logicworks conducted destructive testing and produced extensive DR failover documentation to help outline priorities and responsibilities in the case of an incident. This destructive testing is a critical part of the migration process and resulted in a more resilient infrastructure and better-prepared IT team.

Terraform was used for infrastructure as code (IaC) deployments into Azure. Terraform has gained wide adoption from the Azure community over the years. For this project, Logicworks engineers created custom, reusable Terraform Modules that ensure certain QA standards are implemented. For example, when a Virtual Machine (VM) is deployed using Logicworks’ custom Terraform modules, Logicworks can ensure that the VMs are created with the proper naming conventions, tags, backups, monitoring, native and third party agents in place. This reduces time-to-deployment of new environments by as much as 70% while maintaining a high level of QA standards. In addition to reducing deployment time, Logicworks is able to maintain a single source of truth in the Terraform state file, which improves manageability throughout the lifecycle of the Azure Resource in a multi-team environment.

Logicworks also uses Terraform to install various monitoring agents, including Trend Micro antivirus, Alert Logic intrusion detection and log monitoring, and CloudHealth cost analytics, which are all accessed via Logicworks Pulse, a cloud management system. With these tools, Bamboo Rose and Logicworks maintain operational efficiency of the environments, ensuring that they remain cost effective and highly secure as their Azure footprint grows.

Logicworks is the first line of defense for monitoring and alerts, and performs regular reviews of Bamboo Rose’s environment as part of its Azure Managed Service offering. Custom levels of service enable Bamboo Rose to apply different service levels to client subscriptions, such that a client can create sandbox environments that don’t need Logicworks management. This flexibility, combined with Logicworks’ deep experience working with SaaS companies to manage tenant environments, means that Bamboo Rose uses Logicworks for exactly what they need – and not more.



After the architecture was approved, Logicworks built the foundation Azure environment and helped Bamboo Rose to ensure their software functioned optimally. Bamboo Rose was able to launch its SaaS offering to its first test customer, a large multi-billion dollar retailer.

“We’ve worked with IT support providers before, and Logicworks has been our best experience by far. Everyone from sales, to professional services, to managed services has been very available. Communication is one of the most important things in a partner, and something that Logicworks does very well,” Mach says.

“We’ve worked with IT support providers before, and Logicworks has been our best experience by far. Everyone from sales, to professional services, to managed services has been very available.” – Huy Mach, Bamboo Rose

As Bamboo Rose grows, it will rely on the automation that Logicworks built to accelerate customer onboarding and attest to customers that its cloud environments meet high security standards.


To learn more about Logicworks Azure Services, visit our website or contact us


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