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Cloud Operations
18 Feb, 2020
Azure DevOps: A Tool that Lets You Stop Arguing about Tools
By Kyle Prawel, Cloud and DevOps Architect, Logicworks “The secret to getting ahead, is getting started.” – Mark Twain DevOps teams often waste time evaluating.
Cloud Optimization
11 Oct, 2019
What is an AWS Well-Architected Review?
By Jessica Cowle   Your AWS environment changes constantly. Engineers spin up and down new instances, change security groups, and experiment with new AWS services..
Cloud Optimization
24 Sep, 2019
AWS Service Catalog Announces Budget Tracking
You can now set and track budgets for AWS resources in Service Catalog, according to a new announcement by AWS.  Cloud teams have long loved.
Cloud Optimization
1 Jul, 2019
8 Advanced Tips for Optimizing AWS Reserved Instances
by John Jun, VP of Business Operations, Logicworks   Purchasing AWS Reserved Instances is one of the quickest ways to shrink your AWS bill. An.
Cloud Optimization
3 Nov, 2016
Only 3% of Enterprises Have Optimized Cloud Strategy, Survey Finds
The vast majority of enterprises still lack a mature cloud strategy, according to a recent survey of 6,159 executives conducted by IDC. Just 3% of.
Cloud Optimization
14 Sep, 2016
Report: IT is Worried About Security and Cost of Cloud Automation
Enterprises want to automate cloud infrastructure in order to reduce the complexity of cloud maintenance – but are worried about the security and cost of.
Cloud Optimization
12 Jan, 2016
How to Track AWS Costs with Tagging
Agility is arguably the most significant gain companies can derive from moving infrastructure to AWS. From a business perspective this means being able to make.
Cloud Optimization
3 Dec, 2015
Is Your Cloud Wasting Money?
Cloud costs are notoriously difficult to contain. With 50+ AWS services, complex usage pricing, and bills that list “EC2 costs” as a single line item,.
Cloud Optimization
12 May, 2015
5 Ways to Monitor and Control AWS Cloud Costs
Many IT teams find that their AWS cloud costs grow less efficient as “clutter” builds up in their accounts. The good news is that both.
Cloud Optimization
18 Mar, 2015
3 Steps to Resilient AWS Deployments
This blog post has been updated here. Hardware fails. Versions expire. Storms happen. An ideal infrastructure is fault-tolerant, so even the failure of an entire.