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29 Jan, 2018
Stibo Systems Transforms into Cloud-Based SaaS Platform
Download a PDF of the Stibo Systems Case Study here. “In the old world, building out an entire technology stack for a new client would.
21 Sep, 2017
Case Study: Spring Venture Group Automates Deployment with AWS Service Catalog, AWS Elastic Container Service
Download a PDF of the Spring Venture Group Case Study here. Agile IT teams seek to reduce the cost and complexity of infrastructure operations by.
21 Dec, 2016
MedaPoint Migrates Healthcare SaaS Portal to AWS
MedaPoint is a healthcare software firm that specializes in the field of Emergency Medicine Services (EMS), a complex industry with many key stakeholders including patients,.
15 Jul, 2015
Why AWS Marketplace Is Changing the Software Industry
The launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2006 revolutionized the concept of technology infrastructure. AWS Marketplace is marching along the same path to transform.