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Using the Cloud: Why Businesses Might be Missing the Boat

Talking with our engineering staff, it’s interesting to understand how many of our clients arrived at the cloud as their preferred IT solution. Most didn’t join us because of bandwagon mentality. In fact, they realized the value of cloud only after looking very carefully at their internal processes to understand how best they can achieve…

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System Administration and the Cloud: The Non-Technical Need Not Apply

Here’s a scenario: We recently witnessed the performance differences between multiple versions of Hadoop. While testing a very specific workload on Cloudera CDH3 a performance bottleneck was observed. When the systems were updated to use CDH4, nearly a 2x gain in performance was observed. This allowed the technical team to proceed forward with less equipment…

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What Is The Cloud?

The term “cloud computing” has been around for a good while, but the meaning applied in today’s marketplace is as varied as the providers who peddle service support. There is so much variation in how different clouds work that the term itself has become a sort of catch-all for any form of an outsourced infrastructure…

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Want to Know More About the Cloud?

Welcome to the Gathering Clouds blog! Whether you’re wondering what is cloud computing, or trying to better understand PCI or HIPAA compliance issues, IaaS vs. PaaS vs. SaaS, big data, bare metal or virtualization – in short, all the issues most prevalent to IT decision makers and the cloud computing industry of today and tomorrow…

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