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Stratasys is one of the top manufacturers of 3D printers and additive prototyping machines in the world, and is the parent company of MakerBot and Dimension Printing. Specializing in both large, industrial printers for medical, automotive, and aerospace systems and consumer devices, Stratasys sells printers to enterprises and retailers through its e-commerce and affiliate marketing portal.

To maintain a lean IT organization, Stratasys chose to outsource infrastructure build-out and support to Logicworks. Logicworks suggested Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help Stratasys meet the business goal of extending their eCommerce platform to EMEA and Asia, due to the relative ease of replication across global AWS regions. Logicworks is Stratasys’ single point of contact and 24x7x365 support for all AWS infrastructure needs, enabling Stratasys to minimize downtime, use the AWS platform securely, and access rapid, around-the-clock support on issues large and small.

Why AWS + Logicworks?

  • Clear Documentation: Logicworks produced clear architectural and procedural documentation for the initial build, ongoing responsibilities, incident management, and projected costs. This allowed Stratasys to quickly evaluate and move the project through their organization, reducing onboarding and vendor management costs.
  • Responsive and Personal Support: Logicworks’ unique support model means that each client receives dedicated support for every request, 24x7x365. When Stratasys calls, they do not need to “explain” their environment and can access rapid remediation.
  • Shared Security: AWS controls the physical security of cloud systems and Logicworks controls the secure configuration and buildout of those systems, allowing Stratasys to outsource much of the cost and effort of infrastructure security.
  • 100% Uptime: AWS provides tooling to enable High Availability, such as Auto Scaling Groups and multi-Availability Zone deployments, that Logicworks configures and maintains. Logicworks guarantees 100% uptime SLAs.
  • Global Expansion: Stratasys has a significant global presence, and due to Logicworks’ use of AWS CloudFormation and Puppet, their eCommerce portal can be rapidly and cost-efficiently replicated in another AWS region as needed.

The Result

As a result of migrating to AWS, Stratasys has created a highly scalable, secure, and global platform capable of supporting its eCommerce workloads. By relying on Logicworks’ automation and cloud management expertise, Stratasys is able to scale cloud resources securely, respond to incidents quickly, and focus IT resources on revenue-generating activities.

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