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4 Common Misconceptions About AWS Auto Scaling

Auto scaling has long been one of the major selling points of cloud computing. But like most popularized technology features, it has accumulated its fair share of misconceptions. These common mistakes tend to get in the way of constructive conversations about cloud architecture, and usually mislead IT leaders into believing auto scaling is simple, quick…

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Security and Advanced Automation in the Enterprise

Complexity is a huge security risk for the enterprise. While security is always a top priority during the initial build phase of a cloud project, over time security tends to slip. As systems evolve, stacks change, and engineers come and go, it’s very easy to end up with a mash-up of legacy and cloud security…

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Cloud Orchestration vs. Cloud Automation

What are the differences between cloud orchestration tools and cloud automation tools? An exploration of these two terms is more than a vocabulary exercise; it highlights a key challenge for teams looking to improve IT processes. In most situations, cloud automation describes a task or function accomplished without human intervention. Cloud orchestration describes the arranging…

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7 IAM Security Best Practices for HIPAA Compliance

In sophisticated enterprise AWS deployments, Amazon’s Identity Access Management (IAM) service controls access, enforces protections, and provides granular control over hundreds or even thousands of account users. IAM policies are the bedrock of security in any AWS environment. In HIPAA-compliant hosting environments, the use of IAM security is essential. HIPAA required central identity management and…

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DevOps vs. ArchOps: Foundation and Automation 

Good order is the foundation of all things. – Edmund Burke The benefits of DevOps are widely known: seventy percent (70%) of senior IT leaders believe the need for DevOps has never been greater — and the risk of manual, undocumented, slapdash procedures has also never been clearer. The pressure to deliver software applications quickly will only…

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Improving the End User Experience When Using AWS

Improving the End User Experience with Amazon Web Services This the final post of our series on DevOps. Check out Part 8: DevOps Automation.  End user experience is a combination of several factors: the reliability, availability and performance of the infrastructure, platforms and applications that an organization offers, and the impact these have on user…

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