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Managing Hybrid Clouds: What Team Do IT Leaders Need?

As most enterprise IT leaders know, transitioning IT staff to a cloud-based service delivery model is often more challenging than transitioning the infrastructure itself. A collaborative, vertically-oriented IT organizational structure is crucial to the success of any cloud infrastructure, and yet the advice enterprises receive—usually some variation of “break down silos”—is not especially useful in…

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Managed AWS

Managed AWS, Enterprise Integration, and Managed Services

Managed AWS can greatly benefit how your enterprise leverages the cloud with an existing infrastructure strategy. Cloud computing solutions are rarely monolithic.  Most require what’s called multi-cloud or hybrid cloud solutions.  Whether they are private and public, many cloud computing systems are culled together to get the right solution for the enterprise.  And they usually…

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Enterprise cloud

The Real Story Behind Enterprise Cloud Penetration within the Verticals

Enterprise cloud adoption needs to be examined in greater depth. Last year Gartner released numbers that pointed to the growth of cloud computing from 2011 to 2016, specifically, the growth of cloud computing by vertical industry.  According to Gartner, anticipated growth opportunities put these industries at the top when it comes to global IT spending, which…

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A Quick Guide For App Developers Dealing With IaaS

Product managers and developers often deal with IaaS decisions as well. As we have discussed previously, application developers and product managers have a great deal to say where the creation and design of an application are concerned. Often left out of infrastructure decision-making process in large businesses, in many smaller organizations application developers also are…

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Who’s Who in Cloud December 27, 2013

This is officially the last Who’s Who in Cloud for 2013! Lets commemorate the year with the top 5 experts in the cloud space. There were much musings in the cloud this year, from the cloud wars between Google versus AWS, to the NSA scandal and its debatable consequence to the cloud as well as…

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Who’s Who in Cloud December 6, 2013

  This week’s Who’s Who in Cloud features 10 articles that showcase both expert recommendations and cost analysis for cloud migration and the several shifting paradigms in the cloud. The hot topics and trends of this week include discussions on the rise of  Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), the launch of a European style internet exchange hitting the…

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enterprise infrastructure

When to Transition from Commodity to Enterprise Infrastructure

Are you ready to transition from commodity to enterprise infrastructure? Transitioning from commodity to enterprise infrastructure technology is inevitable for scaling organizations. At some point the upgrade is necessary, but the pace of that transition is dictated by a few different reasons. More often than not, the move from commodity to enterprise tech is a…

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5 Ways Cloud computing is Changing Product Management

Cloud computing has become a major part of how IT organizations are approaching infrastructure requirements. To better support critical applications, networks, and websites, cloud infrastructure through CSPs, managed, and self-service models have become the go-to resource for a range of associated benefits. However, given the ease with which it can be utilized, cloud infrastructure has…

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How Healthcare Cloud Computing Can Save Millions as Regulations Change

We all know that cloud computing provides business agility.  For many enterprises, that means they have the ability to keep up with new and emerging markets.  In the world of healthcare, cloud computing also provides the ability to keep up with ever-changing regulations. This double value that healthcare cloud computing brings is rather interesting, given…

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How to Avoid IT Failures: Consider Outsourcing

A recent discussion hosted by the CIO Network LinkedIn Group got us thinking: Why is it that so many IT projects seem to fail, and how might that be fixed? Enterprise Management Group CEO Jim Smith kicked off the discussion, asking about the role CEOs have to play in successful IT projects. Voice & Data Networks, Inc.’s…

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