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Migrating Health Care Data to the AWS Cloud

There will be an estimated 25,000 petabytes of patient data in the US by 2020. For many health organizations and health care SaaS providers, the cost of continually expanding on-premise storage is already unsustainable — and it will only get worse. These pressures make cloud an attractive option. Mature cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services…

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Is Your Cloud Provider HIPAA Compliant? 11 Point Checklist

Healthcare organizations frequently turn to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to deploy and manage private, hybrid or public cloud solutions. MSPs play a crucial role in ensuring that healthcare organizations maintain secure and HIPAA compliant infrastructure. Although most MSPs offer the same basic services – cloud design, migration, and maintenance – the MSP’s security expertise and…

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anthem breach

Healthcare Data Security: Is Cloud Encryption Alone Enough?

  Healthcare’s New “Anthem” is Encryption, But Not Everyone Sings From the Same Hymnal This blog post is for informational and educational purposes only. Any legal information provided in this post should not be relied upon as legal advice. It is not intended to create, and does not create, an attorney-client relationship and readers should not act upon the information presented without first seeking…

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Application Migration

Application Migration for Healthcare…Best Practices

Application Migration for healthcare relies on a managed services approach. There is an interesting report by Accenture on the benefits of leveraging cloud computing for healthcare.  The report states that “Given the diverse, fragmented and highly dispersed nature of the healthcare industry and value chain, the effect of cloud computing on healthcare will be magnified…

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healthcare cloud security

Healthcare Cloud Security: Now and Into the Future

Healthcare cloud security is keeping pace in terms of complexity with the cloud. Healthcare providers and payers that utilize cloud platforms to store and access personnel records (and like data) are probably storing protected health information (“PHI”), which is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”). Rules now in place…

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healthcare IT

How to Learn from the Mistakes of the Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT has made great strides where infrastructure management and cloud computing are concerned. According to FierceHealthIT, “Some hospital executives are growing impatient with the pace of technology adoption in healthcare, according to a recent roundtable discussion focusing on the future of health IT conducted by Becker’s Hospital Review.” Why is the healthcare industry slow…

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How Healthcare Cloud Computing Can Save Millions as Regulations Change

We all know that cloud computing provides business agility.  For many enterprises, that means they have the ability to keep up with new and emerging markets.  In the world of healthcare, cloud computing also provides the ability to keep up with ever-changing regulations. This double value that healthcare cloud computing brings is rather interesting, given…

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Understanding the Fundamentals of Cloud Security for Healthcare

Continuing our discussion from my last blog in July, perhaps it’s helpful to drive deeper into security approaches and technology for use within clouds that serve the healthcare vertical.  We’ll start by focusing on the fundamentals of cloud security for healthcare.  However, some of this is transferable to other verticals as well. First fundamental: Understand…

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Cloud Computing and Meaningful Use…Making the Connections

According to this Health Market Science report “The meaningful use initiative may migrate healthcare services to cloud computing.”  While there are many in the healthcare vertical that deny that this is the case, the reality is that, as organizations move to compliance, the more they may need to, or have to, leverage cloud computing. “New…

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Cloud Security in the Healthcare Vertical

As we begin to study security, healthcare, and the cloud, we’re finding that cloud-based data storage systems are perhaps more secure than traditional on-premise systems.  Most in the healthcare space have yet to accept this situation, and perhaps won’t accept it until more deployments occur. The data is beginning to appear.  According to Alert Logic’s…

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