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4 Common Misconceptions About AWS Auto Scaling

Auto scaling has long been one of the major selling points of cloud computing. But like most popularized technology features, it has accumulated its fair share of misconceptions. These common mistakes tend to get in the way of constructive conversations about cloud architecture, and usually mislead IT leaders into believing auto scaling is simple, quick…

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Are Your Deployments Working? Simian Army on AWS

Can your infrastructure withstand the failure of an entire datacenter? How about three? Traditional IT is dedicated to perfecting and protecting critical infrastructure, and control over hardware is the key to maintaining high availability. High availability is measured in uptime ex post facto; despite top-shelf hardware, double backup generators, etc., it is impossible to empirically…

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security breach

Top 3 CIO Challenges in 2015: Security, Downtime and Talent

What are the top CIO challenges in 2015? According to a survey reported yesterday on, security, downtime, and staffing top the list of workplace issues “keeping CIOs up at night.” No surprises there. After a flurry of recent high-profile cyber-attacks and internal security breaches, the majority of CIO executives will ramp up the security…

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DevOps And High Availability When Deploying with AWS

This is the fourth piece in our ongoing series on the Practice on DevOps. Check out the third piece here: The Importance of DevOps When Deploying with AWS. Winston Churchill once said said, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.”  When it comes to the availability of systems and software in today’s computing ecosystem, this Mr.…

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managed AWS

Shared Cloud Security with Managed AWS

Managed AWS benefits from a deeper security know-how. Thanks to our friends at Alert Logic for contributing this article for our blog. While surveys continue to show that some IT professionals have security concerns with the public cloud (valid or perceived), these concerns have in no way deterred many of these same IT professionals from…

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managed aws

Achieving High Availability Through Managed AWS

Logicworks is hosting a webinar with AWS on managed AWSand High Availability! On May 6, Logicworks will be hosting a webinar with AWS to highlight some of the innovative approaches to enabling High Availability (HA) that a managed approach to utilizing AWS can yield for a business looking to ensure that mission critical applications and…

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Considering Backup-as-a-Service for Your Organization

This is an excerpt from Logicworks’ newest whitepaper “Considering Backup-as-a-Service for Your Organization: Best Practices and Strategic Recommendations.” Logicworks’ backups are powered by EMC. To read more click the link below to download the full article. Backups are an essential best practice for any organization in order to protect information stored on email and other application servers,…

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managed AWS

High Availability and Performance Computing: Balancing Complexity and Scalability

High Availability on AWS has a lot to do with how you htink about resiliency, but can also benefit from a managed AWS approach. Developing high availability in your infrastructure design is critical to achieving the greatest levels of both resiliency and performance (in a global sense of the term) for your business. This holds…

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Cloud Infographic: Storm in the Cloud

We’re starting something new this month – we’re featuring cloud infographics every Thursday in November on Logicworks’ Google+ page. Today, we’re highlighting the ‘Storm in the Cloud’ Infographic on how a natural disaster can impact cloud computing and its high availability. As a major throwback, we remember one of the most deadliest and disruptive hurricanes in 2012…

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Cloud Lock

Security and Availability Can’t Be Separated In Cloud

Security and availability – they’re both incredibly important to your business. Sometimes they seem to conflict, but in reality they’re tied together and you need to think about both in your planning. A basic security concept is “CIA” – confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and systems. Security requires that data be protected from unauthorized…

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