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Cloud Operations
23 Aug, 2016
IT is Unprepared for Cloud Management, Survey Finds
The vast majority of enterprises plan to migrate more workloads to the cloud in 2016. But IT teams may not be prepared to maintain cloud.
Cloud Migration
22 Aug, 2016
Migration to FedRAMP-Compliant AWS Environment
In 2016, the research company began working on a large project that required high-performance analytics computing to process a very large dataset. The infrastructure needed.
Cloud Operations
17 Aug, 2016
Leadership Underestimates Time & Cost of Cloud Services
Organizations Not Fully Taking Advantage of Cloud Benefits According to ‘Roadblocks to Cloud Success’ Report by Logicworks New data released today found that while 96.
Industry Trends
10 Aug, 2016
AWS is Disrupting a $34B Database Market with Aurora
When Amazon launched Aurora in 2014, it was presented as a clear challenge to giants in the $34 billion database market. Today it is Amazon’s.
Cloud Operations
5 Aug, 2016
AWS Hackathon: Pokebot, Puppet Commands, and More
Last week, Logicworks held its’ first 24-hour Hackathon. The event encouraged teams to explore new ideas, experiment with future products, and of course win prizes. Our.
26 Jul, 2016
Logicworks Launches Cost Management Solution for AWS Customers
CostLogic helps businesses monitor, control, and can reduce AWS spend up to 40 percent Logicworks, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner in the.
21 Jul, 2016
Case Study: Orion Health Migrates 80M+ Health Records to AWS Cloud
Orion Health is a global, independently owned eHealth software company with proven experience in delivering interoperable, connected solutions for healthcare facilities, organizations and regions. Orion.
Cloud Operations
19 Jul, 2016
There is No Such Thing as Managed IaaS
The age of managed infrastructure is coming to an end. Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) have spent the last decade developing platforms that eliminate.
13 Jul, 2016
Immutable Infrastructure in AWS: Q&A with Phil Christensen, DevOps Engineer
It is expensive, time-consuming, and often boring to fix a server. So why fix a server when you can just throw it away and build.
12 Jul, 2016
Migrating Health Care Data to the AWS Cloud
There will be an estimated 25,000 petabytes of patient data in the US by 2020. For many health organizations and health care SaaS providers, the.