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Industry Trends
31 Jul, 2015
Why Your Engineers Should Be Cloud Certified
The IT industry is filled with thousands of new cloud engineers and new cloud companies. While this makes the cloud industry an exciting place to.
24 Jul, 2015
Logicworks Achieves AWS Partner Network Marketing and Commerce Competency
Logicworks, a global leader in enterprise software and services, announced today that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) Marketing and Commerce.
20 Jul, 2015
Healthcare IT is Failing (And It Needs AWS)
“Most industries compete on value. U.S. healthcare does not. But that is about to change.” -Tom Main and Adrian Slywotzky, The Volume-to-Value Revolution . Traditional.
15 Jul, 2015
Why AWS Marketplace Is Changing the Software Industry
The launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2006 revolutionized the concept of technology infrastructure. AWS Marketplace is marching along the same path to transform.
10 Jul, 2015
Security and Advanced Automation in the Enterprise
Complexity is a huge security risk for the enterprise. While security is always a top priority during the initial build phase of a cloud project,.
1 Jul, 2015
Why Enterprises Need Containers and Docker
At DockerCon 2015 last week, it was very clear that Docker is poised to transform enterprise IT. While it traditionally takes years for a software.
Cloud Migration
30 Jun, 2015
Government Cloud Adoption Rises: NSA, DOJ Move to AWS
At the Amazon Public Sector Symposium last week, the NSA announced that it will be moving some of its IT infrastructure to AWS. The NSA.
Cloud Migration
23 Jun, 2015
Why Are 50% of Enterprises Choosing Hybrid Cloud?
Enterprises are shaping the cloud to fit their needs, and the result is overwhelmingly a hybrid of public, private, and on-premises clouds. Today, nineteen percent.
Industry Trends
10 Jun, 2015
Orchestration Software: Does Hardware Matter Anymore?
In IT infrastructure departments, hardware matters less every day. Today, engineers can make commoditized infrastructure (“the cloud”) more secure, agile, and cost-effective with software than.
Cloud Operations
4 Jun, 2015
Cloud Management Tools Lag Behind, Gartner Reports
While IaaS platforms have reached maturity, the tools that manage and monitor public cloud deployments are lagging behind, according to Gartner Research Director Mindy Cancila..