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Cloud Migration & Strategy

We plan, architect, and build custom cloud environments
so that you can migrate with confidence.

Cloud Strategy

Unite key stakeholders and understand the key elements of cloud adoption.

Cloud Planning

Create a step-by-step action plan for migrating to the cloud.

Cloud Migration

Applications and data are securely migrated to the new target environment.

Cloud Optimization

Improve the reliability, security, and ROI of your cloud environment.

Cloud adoption is a tremendous technical and operational challenge for most organizations. Based on our experience from hundreds of successful cloud projects, Logicworks can help you confront the unknowns and accelerate IT transformation.

— Why Logicworks? —


“During the discovery and planning process, Logicworks’ knowledgeable architects designed a well-conceived and planned IT transition. Their support and execution were outstanding.”

Mel Yarbrough, General Manager

File and ServeXpress

Beyond Lift-and-Shift

To achieve success in the cloud, dropping your applications into AWS is not enough. We help you architect or re-architect for true scalability and agility.

People First

Getting your team and operations on board with new cloud processes is equally  important to us as getting the tech right.


The key to at-scale cloud operations is automation. Our DevOps team can help you develop the operational and technical maturity required to support DevOps.

Time and again, we have watched cloud projects flourish when they are supported by DevOps tools and trained automation engineers. Learn more about the benefits of our automation practices. Learn More.

— Our Services —

Cloud Adoption Workshop

Cloud Adoption Workshop

Align your technology leadership around a unanimous charter and establish an organization-wide action plan with our Cloud Adoption Workshop, a full day event that brings together our best cloud architects with your team for a facilitated discussion. Logicworks is an approved AWS Cloud Adoption Framework Delivery Partner.

+ Unite stakeholders around common goals
+ Identify key pain points and potential gaps in people, technology, and process
+ Create a high-level action plan for cloud adoption

Migration Planning

Migration Planning

Gather the right intelligence on your existing systems and create a clear, comprehensive plan during a custom Migration Readiness & Planning engagement. Depending on the size and complexity of your cloud project, Logicworks can help you collect and process data, assess workloads, prioritize applications for migration, and prepare your team for the cloud.

+ Get expert advice on the AWS services and 3rd party tools that are right for your applications
+ Build best practices into your architecture from the ground up
+ Ensure that your architecture adheres to official AWS Well-Architected Framework

Minimum Viable Cloud

Minimum Viable Cloud

In this phase of adoption, our engineers build out your AWS resources, networks, and tools and hand over a fully-configured Minimum Viable Cloud that is ready for your applications. Then we help you determine the best AWS or 3rd party tools to migrate your applications and data to the cloud securely.

+ Get a custom-built cloud environment without having to hire an additional team
+ Build a template for the Minimum Viable Cloud (AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager) in order to easily repeat entire system
+ Improve the security, reliability, and consistency of your system

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Cloud migrations can take many different forms, from carefully rearchitecting applications to take advantage of next-generation platforms to using a “lift-and-shift” tool to automatically copy servers in bulk. Logicworks will advise your team of available options and execute a migration strategy that optimizes effort and investment based on the desired end state.

+ Select and utilize the latest migration tools
+ Migrate quickly and securely to the public cloud
+ Prioritize and project manage backlog for migration

Well-Architected Review

Well-Architected Review

Does your cloud infrastructure meet security, cost, availability and performance best practices? Let our Certified Engineers assess and remediate your cloud infrastructure to ensure that it is efficient, secure, and up to date with the latest cloud tools and practices.

+ Assess your cloud against a proven best practice standard, the AWS Well-Architected Framework
+ Improve the cost,security, and performance efficiency of your cloud
+ Rely on Logicworks’ engineers to remediate critical issues and get your cloud environment quickly up to standard

DevOps Automation Services

DevOps Automation Services

We help you lay the foundation for DevOps practices in the cloud with infrastructure automation, deployment automation, and configuration management.

+ Build architecture templates that allow environments to be trivially build, rebuilt, or updated
+ Configure your environment for continuous deployment
+ Implement a Docker container solution in AWS

Learn more about our full suite of DevOps Automation services

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Our engineers take a deep-dive into your cloud billing history designed to uncover savings and improve Return-on-Investment. Save an average of 30% on your monthly budget.

+ Reduce waste by removing unused instances, right-sizing
+ Govern spending and monitor your billing by team, project, and engineer in a single interface
+ Automate scaling and fine-tune usage to get the highest performance per dollar

Learn more about our cost optimization services

— Experience Matters —

As the only AWS Premier Partner with competencies in Migration, DevOps, Healthcare, and Commerce, Logicworks’ team of certified engineers can help you get to the cloud quickly and securely

Years in Business
Successful AWS Projects
AWS Certifications
Proprietary Security Scanners
Experience Matters
Experience Matters
Experience Matters
Experience Matters

Our cloud infrastructure needs to be highly available, meet strict PCI requirements and rapidly scale to meet the demand of our global user base. Working with Logicworks to manage our infrastructure, running on the AWS Cloud, enables us to continually innovate, provide superior customer service, and focus on our core business.

Dennis Haltinner, CIO and VP of IT of PartyLite
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