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Cloud Cost Assurance

We audit, automate, and track resource usage so that
you can lower TCO.

Reduce Waste

Small inefficiencies add up to huge bills. We audit, analyze, and trim waste.

Govern Spending

Control spend by team, project, and engineer in a single interface.


We automate scaling and shutdowns, customized per application.

Optimize Resources

Fine-tune usage over time to get the highest performance per dollar.

In order to architect a cloud environment that demonstrates lower TCO, you need a comprehensive set of solutions and ongoing, in-depth management. Our team of cloud experts sets up the processes and technology you need for a mature, continuous cloud cost optimization practice.

— Our Approach —


“Logicworks helps make AWS costs more transparent, reduce our usage costs through Reserved Instance planning and Auto Scaling, and makes us confident that we are getting the most out of the cloud.”

Sandra Duphily, Director of Technology, PartyLite


Any sustainable cost optimization practice begins with establishing data-driven feedback loops between business and IT. We make sure you get the right data to the right people.


Your cloud should grow (and shrink) with demand. We write custom software for each cloud to coordinate scaling, scheduled shutdowns, and alerts.


We help you move beyond lift-and-shift to take advantage of cloud-native tools and perform regular, extensive audits to further identify optimization opportunities.

Learn how an enterprise backup software company saved over 40% by moving to AWS with Logicworks

— Our Services —

Cost Tracking & Analytics

Cost Tracking & Analytics

We give you access to a comprehensive dashboard with detailed billing analytics, advance spend alerting, and instant visibility into current AWS spend. Then our engineers help you make sense of this data to inform your ongoing budget decisions.

Learn More About Cost Tracking on AWS

Efficient Architecture Design

Efficient Architecture Design

Our engineers can help your team architect (or re-architect) your environment for cost efficiency, including instance right-sizing, native AWS service implementation, cost tagging, intelligent notifications, automated resource decommissioning, and more.

Learn More About Our Cloud Design Services

Auto Scaling

Auto Scaling

We help you balance scalability with cost to achieve a responsive, resilient system with AWS Auto Scaling. Despite perceptions that scalability is a built-in feature of AWS, it’s not — it requires custom thresholds, alerts, and integration with your code deployment process.

Learn More About AWS Auto Scaling

AWS Reserved and Spot Instances

AWS Reserved and Spot Instances

Our cloud accountants can help you purchase Reserved EC2 Instances that allow you to save nearly 50% vs. the cost of on-demand instances. We can also help you integrate predictable, stable Spot Instance usage with the SpotInst algorithm, which can provide over 70% savings vs. on-demand instances.

Ongoing Cost Optimization

Ongoing Cost Optimization

Over time, Logicworks can help you execute long-term efforts to rearchitect or modify application architecture to meet the full cost savings potential of AWS. This includes regular reviews of your architecture, the periodic elimination of unused resources and waste, migration to new AWS instance types, right-sizing instances, and more.

Download Our Cost Optimization Datasheet

— Experience Matters —

Logicworks goes beyond the traditional IT managed services model to provide clients with a software-driven, results proven approach to managed cloud services. We apply our experience with hundreds of projects and millions of dollars of AWS resources to your projects.

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Experience Matters
Experience Matters
Experience Matters
Experience Matters
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