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Security & Compliance

Enterprise-grade cloud security and compliance services for your mission-critical infrastructure.

Security Mgmt
HIPAA Compliance

We help healthcare organizations protect ePHI and de-risk compliance.

Security Mgmt
SOC2 Compliance

Our security practices are independently audited for SOC 2 (SSAE-16) every year.

Security Mgmt
PCI Compliance

We are an audited PCI-DSS Level 1 Provider for commerce organizations.

Security Mgmt
Audited Partner

Our security practices are audited annually by Amazon Web Services.

Logicworks is a leader in cloud security and compliance with 20+ years of experience in infrastructure management for healthcare, financial services, and public sector clients. We have the operational maturity, technical excellence, and proprietary software necessary for protecting sensitive regulated data in the cloud. Contact us to learn more.

— Why Logicworks? —


“Logicworks is a key strategic partner enabling our success and growth, and ensuring that our infrastructure in the cloud meets the rigorous security and compliance requirements inherent in our business.”

Ian McCrae, CEO and Founder, Orion Health

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Security by Design

We ensure that a common, centrally managed set of policies is codified in templates to provide consistent, transparent foundation for all projects. Engineers maintain scripts, not instances, which can be versioned, tested and rolled back. This drastically reduces the chance of human error.

20+ Years of Experience

We have managed IT operations for risk-averse enterprises for over 20 years. Whether you are seeking a private, hybrid, or public cloud solution we can help you bridge the gap between legacy technology and cloud security best practices. We understand what it really takes to transform technology teams for the cloud.

Continuous Enforcement

In the cloud, standards must be enforced continually, not once a year or at audit time. This is why configuration management is a central part of our practices to achieve continuous compliance.

Read why Orion Health chose Logicworks to help manage HIPAA compliance in the cloud.

— Security Automation —

The days of manual, server-by-server security configuration and governance are over. Complex cloud environments require common standards that are consistently built and enforced with automation. Cloud Patrol is Logicworks’ service for cloud security to establish common standards and enforce those standards with both proprietary software and a 24x7x365 NOC.


A Security Gap Analysis is performed to assess current systems against national standards and governance objectives.


Cloud networks, access policies and resources are designed in custom templates, CIS hardened, and can be rebuilt in a consistent manner.


Proprietary scanners correct misconfigured resources, ensuring that resources are as close as possible to an ideal, standard state.

Download our eBook on Continuous Compliance on AWS.

— Our Services —


Assessment + Design

Security Assessment + Design

We assess your current infrastructure against certain compliance standards (HIPAA, PCI) or best practices, then help you design, build, and migrate to secure infrastructure.

  • Understand the Weaknesses and Strengths of your Current Architecture, Operations, and Team
  • Expose Security or Compliance Gaps
  • Map Standards (HIPAA, PCI, SOC2) to Detailed Checklist of Configuration Tasks
  • Migrate Rapidly to a Fully-Configured, Application-Ready Environment

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Security Management

With over two decades in infrastructure security management, Logicworks can help your team protect critical data without compromising agility and performance.

  • OS Maintenance and Patching
  • Network Maintenance and Updates
  • Emergency Security Patches and Critical Security Updates
  • Security Automation
  • Access Management
  • Vulnerability Test Coordination
  • Incident and Change Management

Download Managed Security on AWS Datasheet



HIPAA Compliance

Logicworks helps the nation’s largest healthcare organizations migrate to the cloud, manage security, and implement operational processes to protect ePHI.

  • HIPAA Compliance Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Access to the Formal Risk Assessment of our Operating Model
  • Business Associate Agreements (BAA)
  • HIPAA Compliance Automation
  • All Security Management Services (Above) Also Included

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PCI Compliance

Organizations that handle customer credit card information rely on Logicworks’ technology infrastructure as they manage their own PCI DSS compliance certification. 

  • PCI-DSS Compliance Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Access to our PCI-DSS Attestation of Compliance
  • Compliance Automation
  • All Security Management Services (Above) Also Included

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SOC2 Compliance

Logicworks is assessed annually for SSAE-16 compliance and produces a SOC2 Report, which provides a description of the Logicworks controls environment as it meets AICPA Trust Services Security and Availability Principles and Criteria.

  • Access to our annual independent SSAE-16 audit and SOC2 Report
  • Report covers services relevant to security and availability
  • AWS and Private Cloud practices are in scope for the SOC Report
  • Internal standards based on NIST 800-53

Download eBook on Continuous Compliance on AWS

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