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Logicworks Announces Managed Services Support for Microsoft Azure

New York, NY, June 19, 2017 – Logicworks, a global leader in cloud computing and managed services, today announced support for Microsoft Azure public cloud. This new Managed Microsoft Azure service provides clients with scalability, cost efficiency, and the unlimited resources of Microsoft Azure’s powerful cloud, combined with support from Logicworks’ team of top-tier system…

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Logicworks Achieves Security Competency Status in AWS Partner Network

New York, NY — June 7, 2017 — Logicworks, a leading cloud automation and managed services provider, today announced that it has achieved Security Competency status in the AWS Partner Network. This designation recognizes that Logicworks successfully passed a 3rd party audit of its security practices and has demonstrated a history of customer success in building…

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Logicworks Offers a Fast Track to Infrastructure as Code with Expanded Central Automation Platform

New York, NY – June 1, 2017 – Logicworks, a leading cloud automation and managed services provider, today announced a new set of DevOps tools for running applications on the Amazon Web Services cloud. Based on customer demand, infrastructure-as-code features like scalability, self-healing, and cost management are included in the second generation of the Central Automation…

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WannaCry and Public Cloud

Yesterday, I attended a CISO Executive Summit here in NYC.  The room was packed with 175 CISOs and top-level security leaders from various industries.  There was broad agreement that WannaCry was a scramble for many of their teams, and created a long weekend for some.  We concurred that we were lucky the “kill switch” was…

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AWS Hackathon: Blendr, Amazon Alexa, Service Config

Last week, Logicworks hosted its 2nd annual Hackathon — and it yielded some innovative and exciting projects! The Hackathon encouraged teams to experiment with new cloud products and try out ideas for making Logicworks better. Here are the winning projects: Logicworks Blendr If your company is growing quickly, you know how difficult it is to…

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Logicworks’ CEO Kenneth Ziegler Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

Logicworks’ CEO Kenneth Ziegler was featured on this morning with a piece on Logicworks’ Managed AWS business, “When Amazon Threatened Its Business, This Company Decided to Work With the Enemy — and Revenue Grew 500 Percent.” The article highlights the key structural and cultural values that helped Logicworks pivot its business model and stay ahead of…

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Logicworks Achieves AWS Service Delivery Partner Status for AWS Service Catalog

NEW YORK, NY (April 20, 2017) – Logicworks, a Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and an audited AWS Managed Service Partner, today announced that it has achieved AWS Service Delivery Partner status for AWS Service Catalog. This recognition highlights Logicworks’ extensive experience in helping customers automate and manage AWS resources, particularly…

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AWS Cloud Reports and Analytics: Interview with Dakota Blair

Every day at Logicworks, engineers work to keep our hundreds of customer infrastructure systems up and running. But equally important is the work of Dakota Blair, Senior Software Engineer, who works behind the scenes to develop software that creates cost, security, and incident reports that help our customers monitor and manage their systems. We sat…

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6 New AWS Products Launched in 2017

Image Source: AWS If you’re an AWS enthusiast like us, you are excited whenever Amazon releases a new product or updates an existing service. So far in 2017, AWS has launched some very exciting products — and in this post, we’ll share our AWS Engineers’ opinions on these announcements: 1. Chime Release Date: February 13,…

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Why Digital Health Companies Belong on AWS Cloud

Global equity funding to private digital health startups grew for the 7th straight year in 2016, with a 12% increase from $5.9B in 2015 to $6.6B in 2016, according to CBInsights. Not incidentally, the rise of digital health has coincided with rising familiarity and market acceptance of public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS).…

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