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Logicworks AWS Accelerators

Kickstart Cloud-Native Adoption with Logicworks’ AWS Accelerators

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Logicworks is excited to announce the launch of our AWS Accelerators program! The AWS Accelerators are consulting modules that are designed to migrate your critical workloads quickly and efficiently while ensuring you are building on a well-architected foundation. If your organization is on a tight deadline to migrate to the cloud, the Logicworks’ Professional Services team is ready to workshop solutions with you to get your workload onto AWS in 30 days or less.

The AWS Accelerators are concentrated in three areas: Migration, Operations, and Optimization. These foundational concepts are the backbone of a well-architected framework in AWS.

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration

The advantages of running your applications and databases in the cloud are well-known. Don’t miss out on the scalability, reliability, and availability that AWS offers if your organization doesn’t have the IT resources to migrate to the cloud. Our AWS experts have been in the trenches with customers, worked on complex migrations, and can help you see around corners to avoid common pitfalls. Logicworks has created AWS Accelerators that are tailored to a migration strategy that sets you up for success.

AWS Accelerator: Migration Evaluator

Our AWS Migration Evaluator follows a proven methodology to provide you with a customized roadmap for your AWS migration. The AWS Migration Evaluator can auto-discover the inventory in your VMware data center and provide a Total Cost of Ownership analysis for AWS and reference architecture. This will give you the information you need to pursue in-depth planning and architecture for a successful AWS migration. Logicworks can follow up this delivery with a proposal for full architecture, build, and build services.


  • TCO Report
  • Reference Architecture
  • Statement of Work for possible build/migration


AWS Accelerator: Aurora PostgreSQL Migration

Our Database Modernization Workshop outlines a migration plan and destination architecture to transition to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL. If you are currently running SQL Server or Oracle on EC2, our database migration Accelerator is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to successfully migrate your database. 

Aurora PostgreSQL provides higher availability, durability, scalability, and performance. Aurora databases are also fully managed, so the difficulty of self-managing a SQL Server or Oracle database on EC2  is removed. 


  • Migration Feasibility Report
  • AWS Reference Architecture
  • Challenge/blocker backlog


Take Control of Your Cloud Operations

Managing multiple AWS accounts can complicate deployment and lead to confusion in the account configuration process. AWS Control Tower is a purpose-built management standard for deploying, organizing, and governing multiple accounts. Control Tower allows you to deploy accounts programmatically by using predetermined templates that assign specific controls (also referred to as guardrails).


Logicworks uses AWS Control Tower as its go-to solution for large-scale AWS migrations. We have created two AWS Accelerators to help your organization quickly realize the benefits of AWS Control Tower.

AWS Accelerator: AWS Control Tower

Logicworks offers a workshop to introduce the core concepts of AWS Control Tower, including use cases, management, automation, and governance. This Accelerator identifies and documents your deployment requirements and aligns our technical experts around your project goals and objectives. Logicworks will also walk you through your Control Tower and provide hands-on guidance as your administrators create a new account, deploy a VPC, and provision user access through AWS IAM Identity Center.


  • Default Control Tower in desired region
  • Administer guardrails
  • Configure Account Factory
  • Provide reusable IAC template for your default VPC
  • Standardized networking and routing tables
  • Administer AWS SSO configuration (can include Active Directory)
  • Document multi-account structure and governance strategy
  • Deploy up to two Customizations for Control Tower (CfCt)
  • Cloud solution documentation that details your Control Tower solution
  • Architecture diagram and technical specifications

AWS Accelerator: Advanced Control Tower

Building on the AWS Control Tower Accelerator, Logicworks’ Advanced Control Tower Accelerator adds a deeper degree of configuration and complexity to your Control Tower solution. Advanced Control Tower expands your Control Tower from the previous AWS Accelerator engagement into an integrated, managed environment that is closer to production-ready status.


  • Implement centralized egress traffic
    • Outbound network traffic
    • AWS Transit Gateway
    • Centralized NAT gateway solution
  • AWS Backup
  • Amazon GuardDuty
  • Amazon Inspector

Optimize Your Cloud Infrastructure

If your organization is already in the cloud, Logicworks has AWS Accelerators that specifically address how to get the best performance and cost predictability out of your infrastructure.

AWS Accelerator: Cost Optimization

FinOps and AWS cost management can be challenging for most organizations. Spikes in cloud costs, sticker shock on AWS bills, and unpredictable cloud spend are common issues that our AWS Cost Optimization service can alleviate. Our AWS FinOps experts can help you identify cost anomalies, review resource tagging for cost reporting, and evaluate your cost monitoring practice.


  • Up to one month of CloudHealth licensing
    • Note: the client is responsible for installing and configuring CloudHealth agents
  • Information session outlining FinOps
  • Customization of CloudHealth data analysis
  • Recommendations report


AWS Accelerator: Well-Architected Review

Logicworks was one of the founding partners of Amazon’s Well-Architected Review program. We examine your existing AWS account, choose one representative workload, and measure it against the six pillars of the Well-Architected Framework: Operational Excellence, Security, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, Reliability, and Sustainability.


  • Well-Architected Review on one sample workload
  • Recommendations for architecture improvement



Logicworks’ AWS Accelerators are designed to rapidly modernize your technology and give you a head-start in the cloud. You get the benefit of working with tenured, certified AWS experts that have worked closely with customers across a variety of sizes and verticals. Contact us today to quickly identify your challenges and architect solutions that meet your unique needs.

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