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AWS Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Managing costs in rapidly growing AWS accounts can be challenging. Logicworks’ Cost Optimization module helps you choose the right pricing strategy that matches capacity with demand while eliminating wasted resources.

Sessions & Milestones

Discovery & Information

In this first session, Logicworks will introduce the FinOps principals that guide our cost optimization strategies. Logicworks also conducts a discovery session to understand your existing resources and any cost optimization efforts that you have already performed.

Data Collection & Analysis

Logicworks provides a CloudHealth license for up to one month. CloudHealth is used to collect a representative sample of cloud utilization and detailed cost reporting. A Logicworks engineer will work with you to set up a read-only IAM role that allows CloudHealth to observe your cost and usage data.

**NOTE** The client is responsible for installing and configuring CloudHealth agents.


A Logicworks cloud expert presents a detailed report of the information collected in the discovery and CloudHealth data collection sessions. Our cloud expert provides Cost Optimization recommendations based on the analysis performed, allowing you to take control of your cloud spend.

Scope and Details


  • Up to one month of CloudHealth licensing
  • Information session outlining FinOps
  • Customization of CloudHealth data analysis
  • Recommendations report

Talk to an AWS Cost Optimization Expert

Logicworks is a leading provider of platform-driven cloud operations for AWS. We’ve helped many customers navigate through all steps of their AWS cloud adoption journey, and our FinOps experts can easily identify opportunities for optimizing your AWS environment & cost optimization AWS strategies from Day 1 to Day 365.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you onboard to the cloud more efficiently, operate reliably with elevated security, enable AWS cost control, and optimize as you scale.