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Cloud Operations
11 Nov, 2021
Leveraging Azure Policy for Compliance Best Practices
As a Technical Product Manager at Logicworks, I lead a software development team that is charged with developing new features for our Cloud Reliability Platform,.
Cloud Optimization
6 Oct, 2021
Logicworks Launches New Cloud Reliability Platform
Logicworks launched its Cloud Reliability Platform (CRP), full of industry-first automated functions and features, the CRP represents a major leap in innovation intended to better.
Cloud Operations
2 Feb, 2021
HITRUST Releases New Cloud Responsibility Matrices
Over the past decade, HITRUST CSF certification has become the gold standard in healthcare compliance. But achieving this standard on the public cloud is a.
19 Jan, 2021
WAF vs. ACLs vs. Security Groups: How to Protect Your Cloud Resources
If you’re running on the public cloud and already use network access control lists (ACLs) and security groups, do you need to invest in a.
7 Jan, 2021
Logicworks’ AWS Control Tower Offer Launches in AWS Solutions Library
We’re proud to announce that Logicworks has launched a new official AWS Solutions Consulting Offer, High Governance Foundation with AWS Control Tower!  Developed from years.
Industry Trends
14 Dec, 2020
5 Top Cloud Migration Posts of 2020
It’s been a turbulent year for IT teams everywhere. Many organizations’ cloud migration plans have either stalled or accelerated as companies scrambled to support remote.
Cloud Migration
14 Dec, 2020
How to Reboot Your Cloud Migration Projects
Companies are investing billions of dollars migrating workloads to the public cloud, yet the vast majority of workloads are still on-premises, with many IT leaders.
13 Nov, 2020
IaC + CI/CD Pipelines for Kubernetes Apps (Amazon EKS)
This is the fourth part in a series on building infrastructure-as-code and CI/CD pipelines. Read the first part, the second part, and the third part. .
5 Nov, 2020
IaC + CI/CD Pipelines for Applications on Amazon EC2
This is the third part in a four part series on building infrastructure-as-code and CI/CD pipelines. Read the first part here and the second part.
Cloud Migration
4 Nov, 2020
Migrating Single-Tenant Software to the Cloud: A Lift-and-Shift Approach
As SaaS adoption rises, traditional ISVs with on-premises solutions face enormous pressures to develop cloud-based SaaS offerings. This pressure comes not just from competitors and.