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Optimize for Cost, Security, & Performance

As technology and business needs advance, your cloud environment needs to be responsive to meet ongoing requirements and feature enhancements. You may notice your cloud bills rising, or you may be unable to identify areas to control costs. If you migrated to the cloud more than a couple of years ago, your cloud environment could “drift” from its initial state. This can build technical debt, downgrade security, and cause issues implementing new features or tooling upgrades. Logicworks FinOps & CloudOps experts can help run an assessment to uncover gaps and areas to improve. We can then work with your team to build a plan forward with a measurable timelines against established milestones and deadlines. Our team typically helps our customers save 30+% along with immeasurable improvements for your IT team morale and ability to execute on your revenue driving initiatives.

Reduce Cloud Costs
and Control Spend

Improve Reliability and
Achieve 100% Uptime

Modernize your Cloud Architecture to meet IaC Standards

Improve Ongoing Security
& Compliance

“Leveraging Logicworks expertise helped us streamline our cloud operations and improve our deployment velocity to help us focus on customer-centric business outcomes.”

Jeff Fields, CIO at SERVPRO

AWS & Azure FinOps & CloudOps Optimization

Logicworks Cloud Optimization solutions enable you to uncover gaps, remediate, and make ongoing refinements to your cloud environment. This can help you streamline cloud operations, enable greater security, and control costs.

Cost Optimization

Achieve an average 30% return-on-investment by reducing costs and improving efficiencies.

  • Identify and eliminate waste
  • Leverage long-term savings, like Reserved and Spot Instances
  • Reduce costs with automated on/off scheduling
  • Option to utilize a team of cloud certified engineers to implement recommendations

Cloud Migration Assessments

Our expert engineers perform a deep analysis of your entire cloud footprint to identify improvements and recommend best practices.

  • Evaluate how to leverage cloud best practices
  • Assess reliability, performance, cost, and operations
  • Identify security and compliance gaps
  • Understand TCO, costs, and potential funding availability
  • Get a detailed report of recommendations
  • Outline of how to leverage Logicworks to remediate gaps and/or migrate with confidence

Security & Compliance Assessments

Our team of certified experts perform an in-depth analysis to uncover how you can enable greater cloud security and meet your governance requirements on AWS & Azure.

  • Auto-discovery of your entire cloud environment
  • Scan console settings, networking, vulnerabilities
  • Score against HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI, GDPR, SOC2, ISO 27001
  • Get a detailed report of recommendations
  • Outline of how to leverage Logicworks to remediate gaps and/or enable greater security

Well Architected Review

Our Cloud Optimization services are based on the Well-Architected Framework, a cloud-neutral standard developed by AWS that provides cloud best practice guidance in five key pillars: Security, Reliability, Performance, Cost Optimization, and Operational Excellence. It helps you assess your workload against a proven standard so that you can build better cloud systems.

  • Implement cloud best practices
  • Reduce cloud costs and maximize ROI
  • Improve security and reliability
  • Get a detailed report of recommendations

Key Features

Access to Certified Engineers
Highest concentration of professional certified specialists in the industry

Security & Compliance Experts
Enable continuous compliance in PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC2, etc.

Proven Track Record
Leverage expertise from hundreds of cloud projects to ensure success

Agile Project Management
Ensure transparency and timely delivery of project milestones

Creative Financing
Access to funding programs to fit your needs and budget

Flexible & Responsive
Tailored solutions with the agility to respond to changes as you scale