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Simplify Deployment

Implement Kubernetes to transform your application deployment

Logicworks Kubernetes Services

The process of deploying an application is task-intensive. Even if you automate the process, there are still many steps that must happen, and many challenges due to the needs of running various applications and different frameworks and architectures on the same set of computing resources. Implementing Kubernetes can help streamline and simplify deployment.

“Logicworks collaborated with our team to create a customized solution that incorporated advanced technologies to significantly increase our deployment velocity.”

– Jeff Fields, CIO at SERVPRO

Kubernetes Services

Logicworks architects and builds Kubernetes, AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) environments on a custom basis for each client. Over hundreds of successful containerized cloud deployments, Logicworks has established a discovery and design methodology. Our Solution Architects perform an in-depth technical discovery. This includes collaborative in-person sessions with customer application teams, as well as automated discovery using tools like AWS Migration Evaluator, Azure Migrate, CloudHealth, and a portfolio of specific ISV platforms for industry-specific tasks. The result of discovery is an Architecture Design, presented in the form of our proprietary Cloud Solution Workbook – a comprehensive blueprint covering all aspects of the cloud design.

Cloud Architectures for Kubernetes

Logicworks cloud architectures for Kubernetes cover the following infrastructure components:

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Design: EKS subnets, Kubernetes standard tagging protocols, security groups; cluster access 
  • EKS Cluster Deployment: Deployments of EKS Clusters via Terraform or eksctl, define & deploy Nodegroups, EKS Cluster Core 
  • AMI Deployment & Management: EKS optimized AMIs, hardening, Logicworks CRP Image Factory automation for hardening & “baking” AMIs
  • AWS Autoscaling Controller Deployment & Integration
  • Enable Container Insights
  • Configure Cluster Access (RBAC)
  • Ingress Management

AWS Migration and Modernization

Third-Party Value-Added Services

Logicworks will procure, install, and manage the following third-party ISV tools within the Kubernetes environment to enforce governance around security, operations, and cost management.

  • Alert Logic
  • F5 Application Infrastructure Protection
  • TrendMicro
  • CloudHealth
  • DataDog
  • NewRelic

AWS Features & Tooling Integration

Integration with Cloud-Native PaaS Services

Logicworks will configure Kubernetes integration with common cloud-native platform services including:

  • VPN / Networking
  • Directory Services
  • SSO
  • Identity & Access Systems, Security Groups & Roles
  • Container Registry
  • Secrets Manager

AWS Features & Tooling Integration

Containerized environments are ideal for collaboration between your application team and Logicworks. You have total freedom to accelerate feature development via rapid self-service deployments, and we can take responsibility for operations, cost, security & compliance. You can view our full outline of Kubernetes Service offerings here.