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Deliver Products Rapidly and Reliably on the Cloud

Run Modular, Scalable, Self-Service Infrastructure

When infrastructure can be changed, deployed, and replicated rapidly, you empower business to deliver software more effectively. Logicworks’ extensive experience in configuration management, infrastructure automation, containers and CI/CD help you build infrastructure that can adapt at the speed of business.

Automate cloud scaling and recovery

Simplify code deployment with containers

Improve the velocity of software delivery

Automate infrastructure-as-code buildout

“We chose Logicworks for their experience in next-generation DevOps software automation and management of large, complex infrastructures.”

Chris Schlosser, Major League Soccer

Infrastructure-as-Code Automation Services

We create a self-service catalog of custom, secure infrastructure templates that are ready to launch.

  • Design AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, Terraform templates
  • Leverage configuration management to bootstrap instances
  • Build self-service catalog for developers
  • Automate scaling, failover, self-healing
  • Automate monitoring, tool installation

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Docker Containers on AWS and Azure 

Our container experts can help you run your containerized applications on AWS or Azure.

  • Evaluate cloud container readiness
  • Design and built container cluster
  • Setup Docker orchestration (Amazon ECS, EKS, Azure Kubernetes Service)

Watch our webinar on Kubernetes vs. AWS ECS

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Services

We identify factors that inhibit continuous delivery and architect a successful delivery pipeline with custom tooling.

  • Consult with engineers to build CI/CD pipeline on AWS or Azure
  • Integrate code delivery and infrastructure provisioning
  • Implement configuration management
  • Implement automated testing

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