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Elevate Your Cloud Security Posture

Leverage our security automation to help protect your critical data & enable continuous compliance

DevSecOps Approach to Cloud Security

In the cloud, your average cloud security tools are not enough to ensure you remain compliant and protect against threats. You need an enterprise-grade cloud security framework that scales with your business and leverages the latest machine learning tools to identify risks before they become problems. Our cloud security engineers can help you architect a cloud security strategy, assess your current systems, and build a secure cloud.

Map your security to cloud-native tools

Implement DevSecOps best practices

Reduce human error with cloud automation

Meet your cloud cybersecurity standards

“Having a one-stop shop with deep expertise in cloud systems and security is invaluable.”

Eric Murphy, Conde Nast

Enable Greater Cloud Security

We combine deep cloud security expertise with the automation, integrated tooling, and platform support necessary to meet and maintain strict security standards. Our team consults with you to understand your unique requirements, can perform a security gap analysis to identify areas to remediate, and develop a strategy to implement cloud security best practices. Our platform driven approach to cloud operations enables you to leverage 24×7 support, advanced monitoring, and incident support to enable greater protection and security optimization.

Cloud Security Expertise

Risk Assessment & Strategy

Our team of certified cloud security experts can help you assess current vulnerabilities, network configuration, encryption standards, access policies, incident response, costs, responsibility matrix, & SLAs. 

Cloud Security Platform Automation

Security Enabled Architecture Design & Platform Automation

Our team creates a network design, access controls, and configures policies to integrate into our  Cloud Reliability Platform.  Our cloud automation helps enforce security configurations to detect and prevent issues and enables egress filtering, image hardening, policy enforcement, and configuration drift detection. 

Cloud Compliance & Governance

Compliance & Governance

Logicworks has deep cloud compliance expertise. We undergo annual 3rd party audits and are certified in PCI-DSS, SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPAA, HITRUST, and ISO 27001 to help enable compliance for our Financial Services, FinTech, Healthcare, HealthTech, Retail, SaaS, & media customers.

Key Features

Access Control Management
User & role setup, central authentication, MFA installation & maintainance

Cloud Architecture Templates
Modular AWS CloudFormation & Azure ARM templates, AZs, VPC design, security groups, etc.

Image Hardening
CRP Image Factory automatically generates AMIs that are validated to match customizable hardening requirements

IDS & Security Operations Center Management
IDS installation & management, partnership with 24×7 SOC, comprehensive security protection & vulnerability scanning

Backup & Disaster Recovery
DR planning and custom lifecycle management policy orchestration

Log Management
Logicworks CRP collects, aggregates, & normalizes data

Encryption of sensitive data at rest in volume, disk, I/O, & snapshots

Incident Management & Escalation
Runbook creation & approved escalation procedures with documentation

Anti-Malware & Anti-Virus 
Implementation of anti-malware and anti-virus protection

Policy Orchestrator
Proactively scans cloud infrastructure for compliance with security & compliance policies

Data Loss Prevention

To protect your cloud, Logicworks DLP automatically configures Amazon Macie, a machine learning tool that can detect sensitive data in your AWS S3 storage buckets. Then our serverless technology alerts and takes action when sensitive data is at risk of being leaked.

  • Scan any size data set using machine learning
  • Detect PCI, PHI, and PII and alert potential leaks
  • Automatically quarantine confidential data that’s at risk
  • Auto-configure Amazon Macie, Trusted Advisor, and Lambda serverless events

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