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Proactive monitoring & incident management powered by our Cloud Reliability Platform

Advanced Monitoring & Incident Response

Things break. Engineers make mistakes. Geographic regions and availability zones go down with cloud service providers. Cybersecurity threats are constant and evolving. IT talent is increasingly difficult to hire and retain. Technology & tooling continues to advance & render older versions obsolete. You need a solution that allows you to focus on revenue driving activities. That’s where we come in. Our team leverages our Cloud Reliability Platform to enable predictive monitoring, anomaly detection, policy enforcement, and auto-remediation to detect & respond to issues quickly. Working with Logicworks gives you and your team the continuity of care and peace of mind that your environment is in good hands. 

  • 25+ years of mission-critical experience baked into
    our Cloud Reliability Platform
  • Proactively scans cloud resources in real-time, detects potential problems, & remediates BEFORE they become customer-facing outages
  • Platform automation programmatically enables our team to provide fast & effective support.
  • With 4+ years average engineer tenure, consistently named top places to work, & people-first culture, our team of experts go the extra mile to become a true extension of your team

Elevate your cloud monitoring & improve incident management with comprehensive cloud operations – powered by our Cloud Reliability Platform. Schedule a call with a certified cloud specialist today.

Key Benefits

Fast Time to Resolution
Tiered Support to elevate faster incident response and incident management

Control Configuration Drift
Customer’s configuration & services preferences are validated against their cloud environment in real-time

Don’t Miss Critical Alerts & Cut Through Noise
Combine platform automation + 24x7x365 cloud support to detect and address alerts quickly

Image Hardening
Automatically generated AMIs that are validated to match customizable hardening requirements

Integrated Tooling
All required ISV tools are automatically procured, installed on cloud resources, and health-checked

Policy Enforcement
Proactively scans cloud infrastructure for compliance with security and compliance policies

Next Generation Monitoring
Machine learning based anomaly detection and predictive monitoring 

Backup & Recovery Manager
Configure data retention schedules, and see real-time reporting on the success of snapshots and backups

Data Loss Prevention
Uses AI/ML to detect the presence of high-risk data like personal information, credit card numbers, & healthcare information

Transparency & Cost Control
Multi-cloud view of customer resources increases efficiency in cloud operations for security, operations, & cost optimization