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$300B Investment Firm Modernizes Microservices App on AWS

An investment firm with assets of more than $300 billion was undertaking a major modernization effort to improve the agility of their application and infrastructure teams. Their primary goal was to improve the collaboration between infrastructure and application teams in order to respond more quickly to customer demands, as part of a DevOps transformation effort. The team had already containerized their application and were looking to migrate critical to AWS in order to take advantage of more modular, flexible infrastructure resources.

The company interviewed more than 20 cloud partners and ultimately chose Logicworks for the maturity of our cloud migration, compliance, and DevOps practices.  


  • Internal infrastructure team wasn’t dedicated to the application team, and were often bogged down in other on-premises infrastructure projects
  • Development team found it burdensome to spin up new microservices locally due to resource constraints
  • Desire to dramatically reduce the time it took to spin up development and testing environments
  • Need for highest security and compliance standards to protect client financial data


  • Migration of their core application from on-premises to AWS, including strategy, design, build, automation, and migration
  • PCI-DSS security controls as a framework for security governance
  • Strategy and implementation of Amazon Elastic Container Service to manage Docker containers
  • Hub-Spoke VPC model allows for central security and logging controls and extensibility
  • Designed and deployed a separate security front end consisting of a redundant F5 ASM layer, and non-redundant logstash layer
  • After migration, the firm engaged Logicworks for AWS Managed Services, including patching, backups, engineering support, monitoring, and cost management


By working with Logicworks, the investment firm launched their containerized application on AWS with no downtime, on-time and on-budget. Leveraging Logicworks allowed them to increase their agility in adapting to business needs, since they could rely on external support whenever they needed to scale up or modify infrastructure resources. After migration, outsourcing ongoing management to Logicworks resulted in a dramatic decrease in the burden on their in-house team, as well as improved performance and incident response metrics. As the firm continues to optimize their application, they rely on the synergies created with the Logicworks team to seek advice, plan for improvements, and increase the efficiency of their infrastructure.

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