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Orion Health Partners with Logicworks to Host 50+ Million Health Records on AWS

Orion Health is a population health management company with proven experience in delivering interoperable, connected solutions for healthcare facilities, organizations and regions. In 2010, Orion Health and Logicworks began a partnership building Health Information Exchange systems that allow hospitals, private doctors, universities, and insurance companies to appropriately share medical records. Over the next four years, this partnership produced the largest network of HIEs in the country, extending from California to Massachusetts. Some of the individual HIEs under Orion Health and Logicworks’ management will reach over nine million patients and providers.

Most recently, Orion Health and Logicworks designed and architected a HIPAA compliant solution on Amazon Web Services to support the scalability, security controls, and automation required to ensure the successful operation and growth of a large-scale project. 


  • Massive storage requirements as millions of health information records are stored
  • Highly scalable performance required for periods of peak use
  • Mission critical healthcare data requires “always on” reliability
  • Enterprise-grade Backup and Disaster Recovery preparedness
  • HIPAA, relevant state law, and contractual compliance requirements
  • Aggressive time to production


  • AWS Migration Service: Migrated data and applications to AWS in 90 days
  • Integrated application and infrastructure for self-scaling and self-healing
  • Comprehensive HIPAA Security program for healthcare services
  • Audit reporting and File Integrity Monitoring
  • AWS Managed Services: 24x7x365 Network Operations Center, monitoring, patching, backups, cost management, and incident response


Beyond scale and speed, AWS allowed Logicworks to deploy Orion Health’s server infrastructure in ways that would not have been possible with traditional hardware. Every piece in the network is responsive to the needs of the application. In a physical data center, components like switches, routers, firewalls, and load balancers all had the potential to become bottlenecks. Now that all those components are virtualized, the application can make a call that it needs more resources and they’ll be added dynamically in real time.

“Scaling into the Amazon Web Services cloud has opened up virtually limitless scalability while improving our time-to-production and return-on-investment. Working with partners like these allows us to focus on the strength of our product and make a real difference in the quality of care.”

– Ian McCrae, CEO and Founder, Orion Health

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