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Spring Venture Group Launches HIPAA Compliant, Containerized Software on AWS

Spring Venture Group, an innovative insurance brokerage that is experiencing rapid growth, leveraged Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Logicworks, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, to help them keep pace with technology adoption and focus on core business. Logicworks helped them migrate their Docker-based application to Amazon Elastic Container Service.


  • Growth constraints in their on-premises datacenters
  • Desire to gain flexibility, scalability on AWS
  • As Medicare insurance broker, platform required HIPAA compliance
  • Highly agile development team wanted seamless deployment pipeline and rapid Auto Scaling capabilities
  • Docker-based application needs to scale with company growth


  • Assessment of their current on-premises infrastructure to understand networking, storage, and HIPAA compliance requirements
  • Design and build of a secure, HIPAA-enabled AWS architecture using Amazon Elastic Container Service, ECS Container Registry, Amazon SNS, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit, AWS Service Catalog
  • Ongoing AWS Managed Services, including 24×7 monitoring, patching, backups, and incident response


As a result of choosing Logicworks and AWS, Spring Venture Group significantly accelerated production launch on AWS and met their HIPAA compliance responsibilities in the cloud. Infrastructure automation and containerization has improved reliability and reduced the need for manual intervention to update, repair, or replicate the system. Logicworks’ 24×7 support has allowed them to focus on their core business: delivering high quality software and support to their customers.

“Logicworks accelerated our move to the cloud dramatically. Their expertise in planning, design, and migration is like having an expert guide through the jungle of IaaS products and services.”

– Jerry Hagedorn, VP of Technology, Spring Venture Group

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