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Status Money Migrates Personal Finance App to AWS with Logicworks

Have you ever wondered how your finances compare to those of other people? Data scientists Majd Maksad and Korash Hernandez know the answers. After working at companies like Discover Card, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs, they launched Status Money (statusmoney.com) – the first personal finance management company that lets you anonymously compare your finances to millions of other people.

Before launch, Status Money turned to Logicworks to help them go-live on AWS. They understood how to launch a few AWS instances, but understood that in order to meet their security and compliance goals, they needed expert design, migration, and management help.


  • Startup with limited staff and short timeline
  • Personal finance application requires PCI-DSS compliance
  • Desire not to disrupt their existing CI/CD pipeline with Travis CI
  • Lack of internal experience in security and compliance on AWS


  • Rebuild of existing AWS environments to conform with security, compliance, and performance best practices
  • After go-live, ongoing AWS Managed Services including 24×7 support, patching, backups, incident response, monitoring, and security mangement
  • Regular engineering reviews to assess cloud bills and implement any possible efficiency improvements


Status launched last month and it is currently the only personal finance company on the market that is dedicated to creating financial transparency through comparisons. The flexible, automated, and fully managed infrastructure built and supported by Logicworks is allowing the development team to focus 100% on product features and member acquisition. The system has maintained 100% availability while reducing infrastructure costs by 10% and reducing in-house staffing costs by over 80%. As Status grows, they have the confidence that their infrastructure and operations team can scale seamlessly with their business and deliver highly available, secure systems for their members.

“Logicworks is able to provide an entire outsourced infrastructure management team for around an eighth of what it would have cost us to do it ourselves.”

– Korash Hernandez, CTO, Status Money

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