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Cloud Migration
31 Aug, 2016
Vendor Lock-In is Big Roadblock to Cloud Success, Survey Finds
Despite the clear advantages of cloud, enterprises can be skittish about getting “trapped” in a public cloud vendor. But unfortunately, this may prevent them from.
Cloud Migration
22 Aug, 2016
Case Study: Government Research Company Migrates to FedRAMP-Compliant AWS Environment in 60 Days
In 2016, the research company began working on a large project that required high-performance analytics computing to process a very large dataset. The infrastructure needed.
Cloud Migration
14 Jun, 2016
3 Common AWS Migration Mistakes
Cloud migration is full of potential pitfalls. However, not all mistakes are as immediate or glaring as downtime or data loss; some mistakes can only.
Cloud Migration
8 Jun, 2016
How to Accelerate AWS Migration: Q&A with Cloud Project Manager
Sixty-three percent (63%) of enterprises on the cloud plan to migrate more workloads to the cloud. But many enterprises struggle with how do you get.
Cloud Migration
28 Apr, 2016
More Enterprises Running Microsoft Applications on AWS Cloud
Microsoft revenue from Windows Server rose a remarkable forty-six percent (46%) in 2015, even while revenue from on-premises licenses fell two percent (2%). The source.
Cloud Migration
26 Apr, 2016
Fighting the Vendor Lock-In Headache
Featured in EnterpriseTech Vendor lock-in is one of the biggest concerns for enterprises making the move to the public cloud. Choosing the right cloud solution must.
Cloud Migration
30 Mar, 2016
AWS Simplifies Cloud Adoption with Database Migration Service
Last week, Amazon Web Services released the Database Migration Service, a tool that allows for the migration of databases to AWS without downtime. Yet again,.
Cloud Migration
22 Mar, 2016
Case Study: Global Security Corporation Migrates to AWS in Just 4 Weeks
In 2015, one of the largest security software corporations in the world required rapid migration to AWS in order to accommodate a recent M&A of.
Cloud Migration
12 Feb, 2016
Omnichannel Retail, Cloud, and the Problem of Legacy IT
Technology is increasingly driving customer purchasing behaviors, and retailers are tasked with providing customers more IT driven experiences in order to convert: personalized offers, end-to-end.
Cloud Migration
12 Jan, 2016
The Cloud Cures M&A IT Integration Headaches
Featured in NetworkComputing Integrating IT systems and transferring data are tough tasks after a merger or acquisition, but companies can use the public cloud to.