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INSIGHTS : 1 Mar, 2018

Case Study: Education SaaS Platform Saves 60% on AWS Cloud with Logicworks

Download a PDF of the LinkIt! Case Study here.  LinkIt! provides real-time data services to educational companies including school districts, publishers, and test-prep organizations. Their.


INSIGHTS : 3 Nov, 2016

Only 3% of Enterprises Have Optimized Cloud Strategy, Survey Finds

The vast majority of enterprises still lack a mature cloud strategy, according to a recent survey of 6,159 executives conducted by IDC. Just 3% of.


INSIGHTS : 14 Sep, 2016

Report: IT is Worried About Security and Cost of Cloud Automation

Enterprises want to automate cloud infrastructure in order to reduce the complexity of cloud maintenance – but are worried about the security and cost of.


Cloud Automation

INSIGHTS : 12 Jan, 2016

Webinar: How to Track AWS Costs with Tagging

Watch the AWS Cost Efficiency Webinar Agility is arguably the most significant gain companies can derive from moving infrastructure to AWS. From a business perspective.


INSIGHTS : 3 Dec, 2015

Is Your Cloud Wasting Money?

Cloud costs are notoriously difficult to contain. With 50+ AWS services, complex usage pricing, and bills that list “EC2 costs” as a single line item,.


INSIGHTS : 12 May, 2015

5 Ways to Monitor and Control AWS Cloud Costs

Many IT teams find that their AWS cloud costs grow less efficient as “clutter” builds up in their accounts. The good news is that both.


INSIGHTS : 18 Mar, 2015

3 Steps to Resilient AWS Deployments

This blog post has been updated here. Hardware fails. Versions expire. Storms happen. An ideal infrastructure is fault-tolerant, so even the failure of an entire.