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12 Mar, 2019
How to Get Self-Service Infrastructure (& Stay HIPAA Compliant)
We all know that a gap remains between what companies want to get out of DevOps and the day-to-day realities of working on an IT.
19 Jul, 2018
Why are healthcare data breaches so common?
It seems that every month, another healthcare company is hacked. In fact, 1.13M records were exposed by 110 healthcare data breaches in Q1 2018 alone..
6 Jun, 2018
5 Innovators Who Are Revolutionizing HealthTech
The pace of innovation in healthcare technology has never been faster. Today, doctors are using mobile devices to manage chronic diseases. Machine learning algorithms patrol.
2 May, 2018
Case Study: #1 Genetic Screening Company Migrates HIPAA Compliant Workloads to AWS
Download a PDF of the Counsyl Case Study here. Genetic screening helps countless patients make informed healthcare decisions every year. Yet historically, this critical value.
5 Apr, 2018
Webinar: HITRUST™ Compliant Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
The HITRUST CSF™ is growing in popularity — it’s used by 26.4% of healthcare companies as their cybersecurity framework for HIPAA compliance, according to the.
22 Jan, 2018
Case Study: Healthcare SaaS Company Chooses Logicworks for HITRUST-Compliant AWS Support
What is HITRUST? Companies that interact with medical records, including doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, and software providers, have to comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability.
20 Sep, 2017
eBook: How is HITRUST™ Certification Different from HIPAA?
The HITRUST CSF™ is a widely adopted security framework for healthcare companies and has been gaining popularity as a more structured, unified, and comprehensive standard.
22 Mar, 2017
Why Digital Health Companies Belong on AWS Cloud
Global equity funding to private digital health startups grew for the 7th straight year in 2016, with a 12% increase from $5.9B in 2015 to.
9 Feb, 2017
How to Achieve HIPAA Compliance on AWS
Healthcare companies that are accustomed to complete control over physical systems often struggle to understand their responsibilities in a cloud environment. Who is responsible for.
21 Jul, 2016
Case Study: Orion Health Migrates 80M+ Health Records to AWS Cloud
Orion Health is a global, independently owned eHealth software company with proven experience in delivering interoperable, connected solutions for healthcare facilities, organizations and regions. Orion.