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Windows SQL End of Support

INSIGHTS : 12 Feb, 2019

How to Survive Windows SQL 2008 End of Support

50-60% of on-premises Microsoft workloads are running on 2008 versions, despite the fact that mainstream support ended in 2014. Now Extended Support for Windows Server.


INSIGHTS : 1 Aug, 2018

How to Manage Multiple AWS Accounts with AWS Landing Zone

by Phil Christensen, Sr. Solutions Architect, Logicworks For many companies, it is more efficient to create multiple AWS accounts for different departments, teams, or projects.


INSIGHTS : 30 Apr, 2018

eBook: 4 Reasons Why Digital Media Agencies Are Migrating to AWS

The rise of digital marketing has completely reshaped media agencies over the last 10 years. Clients expect agencies to be technical experts at delivering content.


INSIGHTS : 23 Feb, 2018

eBook: 5 Steps for Cost-Efficient AWS Cloud Migration

Getting ready to migrate to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud? Companies that are looking to modernize existing business applications often realize the best way to.


INSIGHTS : 29 Nov, 2017

Why Retailers Are Migrating to Azure Cloud: Interview with Adam Burke

Retailers are building more personal, differentiated experiences for customers online and in stores. In order to support these new applications, they need a flexible infrastructure.


INSIGHTS : 31 Oct, 2017

eBook: 4 Ways to Migrate from VMware to AWS Cloud

One hundred percent (100%) of the Fortune 500 runs on VMware. Yet as adoption of the AWS cloud grows, many companies are looking to  take.


INSIGHTS : 9 Mar, 2017

Case Study: PartyLite Migrates to AWS in 30 Days

For some projects, it is not an option to spend 3-6 months planning for AWS migration. A looming deadline means you have to put aside.


INSIGHTS : 23 Sep, 2016

The #1 Reason IT Struggles with Cloud Migration

IaaS adoption usually begins in isolated pockets — one project here, one there. Then a few months (or years) later, IT decides to expand AWS.


INSIGHTS : 31 Aug, 2016

Vendor Lock-In is Big Roadblock to Cloud Success, Survey Finds

Despite the clear advantages of cloud, enterprises can be skittish about getting “trapped” in a public cloud vendor. But unfortunately, this may prevent them from.


Government AWS

INSIGHTS : 22 Aug, 2016

Case Study: Government Research Company Migrates to FedRAMP-Compliant AWS Environment in 60 Days

In 2016, the research company began working on a large project that required high-performance analytics computing to process a very large dataset. The infrastructure needed.